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Artificial Intelligence In Construction Project Management

Machine learning will soon allow software applications to synthesise vast amounts of engineering knowledge in seconds. Architects and engineering professionals, by contrast, take years acquiring the skills and experience needed to design buildings, leaving them unable to compete. AI likely will be specialised at first to automate menial tasks, coordinate, and perform quality control. Many tools are starting to display potential in these areas, as AI improves these areas of the field and others will loose billable hours per project....
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Essay on Construction Management: Common Issues in Construction Projects

The organization that often involved in construction projects either on a large scale or a small scale there are will be facing several challenges, problems, and risks during implementation of these projects. Therefore, it is necessary for the parties in charge to identify the possible issues that may occur when making plans for undertaking certain projects. The risks of construction projects typically can be categorized into construction, physical, technology, and design project. There are several common issues in a construction...
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A Professional Perspective on Sustainability in the Construction Industry: Analytical Essay

1. Background The construction industry is the pinnacle of human development. Construction defines the process of reshaping the physical environment to establish human settlements. Construction however alters the physical landscape including soils and the natural drainage system. It is therefore irrefutable that the construction industry negates the natural environment, disrupt ecosystem services, and perpetuate climatic variability (Janak, 2009). Human induced climate change is probably one of the greatest tragedies of this century and beyond. Climate change is largely a result...
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Identifying and Positively Addressing Real and Perceived Barriers to Inclusion in Construction: Analytical Essay

As the construction industry has grown drastically in the past few decades, the industry is no longer starved for work, however, construction companies are now struggling to find and retain employees. Vital to the success of the construction industry, construction companies, large or small, must increase their inclusiveness and diversity to remain competitive and continue to thrive in one of the leading world markets. In this essay I will talk about the real and perceived barriers to inclusion within the...
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Uas4safety: The Potential of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Construction Safety

Article Critique Construction leads every other industry in worker casualty as a result of occupational hazards (Jones, 2018). The type of activity carried out on site, the simultaneous interaction of personnel, plant and equipment; coupled with the dynamic movement of construction resources and constantly changing site environment makes the construction environment inherently accident prone (Kim et al., 2017; Idoro, 2011; Al-Tabtabai, 2002; Asan & Akasah, 2015). Hence in a bid to augment construction safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)...
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Effectiveness of Construction Safety Competency Assessment in Improving Overall Safety Aspects on Construction Site

Abstract The present study aimed to determine the relationship between competency assessment and the rate of fatalities in the construction industry. Using the construction assessment and some information provided by, the effectiveness of construction safety competency assessment in improving overall safety aspects on construction site can be determined. Introduction 1. Background Construction work is known as one of the economy-leading sectors of the national economy but it also the most dangerous and high-risk industry in the world. According to the...
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Reasons for Increasing Demand for Drones in the Construction Industry

The far-reaching utilization of commercial drones across numerous industries is accounted for day by day, however, an ongoing report has discovered that UAV development in the construction segment is accelerating quick. This vast drone information storehouse covers rural utilizations, existing tall structures, and mining and removal regions, however, the most prominent clients of crewless ethereal vehicles to make a video, stills, and exact mapping is the construction segment. The availability of drones in construction implies critical changes inside the business....
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Types of Contracts Used in the Coal Mining Sector during Its Construction: Analytical Essay

Introduction The research area is based on how construction contracts and procurement techniques are used in project of Coal India Ltd. CIL is a Maharatna and Indian state-owned company of coal mining and refinery. The main headquarter of Coal India Ltd is in Kolkata, West Bengal. 82% of coal is produced in India by CIL. It is in the 8th position in terms of market value among the Indian companies. CIL has many subsidiaries where CIL produces most of its...
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