Essay on Why Child Labour Should Be Banned

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Think back to life in primary school. Running around the school oval with your friends, chanting rhymes and skipping or maybe you were reading a book with a large tree shading the harsh sun from you. What you were not doing was standing in a sweatshop for over 10 hours straight, cutting thread or feeding buttons through fabric. 170 million children around the world have their youth ripped away from them as they are forced to work to stay alive. I strongly believe that fashion companies that utilise child labour should be boycotted, instead we should put our resources towards ethical companies that focus on eradicating this disgusting practice. This exploitation of innocent children in the fashion industry, just to produce cheap clothing for a profit should be brought to an end as it denies children from a formal education, exposes children to chemicals and dangerous working environments and limits their physical and mental growth.

Making children work in sweatshops and textiles factories denies them from an education. Child labourers who spend time working rather than studying have their future. Opportunities that only children with an education have access to, such as higher paying jobs and tertiary education, are not given to child labourers and this keeps them in the vicious cycle of poverty. Going to school allows these children a chance to learn about the unseen parts of the world rather than the one through their restricted view. It allows them to gain the ability to read and write, skills which could completely change the way they live their life in the future. Learning in a classroom provides children with the mental stimulation they need to expand their knowledge bank. It is clear that child labour should not exist as it conflicts with children’s schooling.

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Additionally, allowing children to work in sweatshops and garment factories exposes them to hazardous chemicals and dangerous working environments which could change their life forever. Typically young children are employed in sweatshops and garment factories because they have the agility that older adults may not have. However, young children should not be working with sewing machines, needles or even scissors unsupervised as they can easily cause harm to themselves. In Bangladesh, tanneries that produce ‘Bengali Black leather’ are a popular choice for children to work in. These children are exposed to cocktails of toxic chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid which can cause chronic skin and lung diseases the children have to handle for the rest of their lives. It is unfair that these children have to slave away and cause harm to their bodies by being exposed to dangerous tools and hazardous chemicals just to satisfy the selfish demands of the consumers in western nations.

Last but not least, keeping children working in factories restrict their mental and physical growth. Research shows that children involved in child labour from a young age tend to be lighter in weight and shorter than their peers. This is due to a calorie-deficit diet these children consume in a day as they slave away to get the allocated work done before the end of the day. Malnutrition can cause major health issues such as osteoporosis and decreased immunity against infections and diseases. This is extremely dangerous in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Mentally, these children are much less developed than their peers in places such as Australia and Europe. Working in factories and sweatshops becomes a routine for them, providing no mental stimulation. Parents are taught to give mental stimulation to a child through to their teenage years, to allow them to fully develop their mind and gain mental skills. Therefore child labour should be brought to an end as it stunts a child’s mental and physical growth.

Although child labour seems like a reality too far away for many of us living here in Australia, it is a problem we unknowingly support. Child labour restricts children’s future by denying them of a formal education. Other reasons such as exposure to dangerous working environments and restriction of children’s mental and physical growth lead me to believe that we should not be supporting child labour. This revolting practice puts young and innocent lives at risk and we should boycott companies that engage child labour and divert our funds towards child labour organisations that fight towards the eradication of this issue from the face of Earth.


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