Shopping Online vs. in Store: Essay

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Is in-store shopping better or is online shopping actually more beneficial? Personally, I believe that in-store shopping is overall a lot more beneficial for various reasons.

Online shopping leads to economic collapse and job losses, leading to poverty, distress, and struggle. How can I prove this fact? It has been quoted on, “The high street has been one of the worst-hit sectors of the economy with nearly 125,000 jobs lost”. If online shopping was not created, we wouldn’t have some of the issues that many people face today. In no way am I saying that online shopping should not have been created whatsoever, as it can be helpful in some ways, but the number of those picking up their phones to order a new pair of shoes or a new jacket is only going to keep increasing. One reason for this is the lockdown. The coronavirus resulted in a peak of sales online, as you would expect, although I don’t think we realize how much this change has an impact.

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I realize that you may be thinking, surely online shopping isn’t all that bad? There must be positives, somewhere right? You’re right, there is. Online shopping can be great in many ways, for example, some may like browsing and shopping from the comfort of their homes without having to spend time getting ready just to buy a couple of things. You see, this IS great, but the more ways you think that online shopping is good, the more ways it’s clear to see that in-person shopping can prove to overcome these positives. This gives you even more reason to question if staying clammed up inside all day on your computer really is the best idea, or if going out for a refreshing walk-down to your local shop or taking a bus to your favorite clothing store is a better idea. So, how can in-store shopping compete against staying in bed and ordering your wants as you please? I’m sure almost everyone has ordered a clothing item online, whether this be for a party or just something that you’ve had your eye on for a while. I can say from personal experience, this does not always go well. As you cannot physically see the item you’re buying in front of you, this creates the risk of the clothing item being delivered and then not fitting right, or maybe it’s see-through and the pattern doesn’t look quite as modest as it did on the photo. However, when shopping in a store, this issue is almost impossible.

The elderly. Your dearest family members are trying to order food so that they don’t have to leave the house, in order to protect themselves from coronavirus. They find it highly challenging, with all the buttons and bright lights, they have no help. It is all just so confusing. We as young people who grew up glued to our phone screens don’t tend to realize that older people may struggle with technology and how it works. Now think, if in-store shopping was no longer an option, stress would be caused. Shopping online is no longer an option though. It wouldn’t be as much of a struggle.

Do you remember the issue of not seeing what you’re buying and it coming and not being what you expected? This links into returns. Say you’re in the situation of having a pair of trousers that look a completely different color as to the picture, they are way too short, showing your ankles and making you look like a complete fool. Now you must return this item - frustrating isn’t it? Now you must go through the return process, which can be long and bothersome. But here’s the truth, if you had decided to buy some new trousers in person, the probability of needing to return them would’ve been a lot less, especially since there are things like changing rooms and such. If by chance you did have to return an item, however, this is simple: bring the item back to the shop and get your money back straight away, easy and stress-free. This just proves even more how in-store shopping is so simple and straightforward.

You could say many positives outweigh the negatives of online shopping. The introduction of ‘pre-owned’ goods on sites such as eBay has encouraged people to reuse items and has discouraged a throw-away culture which ultimately benefits the environment. With this positive there is also a negative impact: although reusing items helps feed the health of the environment, the carbon footprint of your item is not. You may think you are doing your part in saving the environment, but ultimately the helpful part that you think you are playing ends up being revoked and pointless.

To sum it up, I have concluded that compared to in-store shopping, there are a lot of issues with online shopping. The negatives always end up outweighing the positives. I would discourage people from ordering online and encourage people to shop in person as an alternative. Although there is a general idea society has created wherein ordering online is convenient, there are a huge amount of negative impacts that come with this suitability: losing jobs, the social aspect of in-person buying, the item arriving and not being as described online, the older generations relationship with technology, and the brutal impact caused on the environment that comes with each individual item being delivered.

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