Essay on Customer Service and Communication

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There are a lot of benefits of online shopping because it is easy to use for most people of many ages and also, it takes little time to do as the forms take a short amount of time to complete (if your details are already saved on the business's website). When someone sees a product advertised on a social media site, it is easy for them to look at it specifically as various links can take the user to the business purchasing pages and the business website, to give them further insight into what the product they want specifically (such as size and color). The users may have noticed there is a sale on a specific date through promotion on social media. They may consider purchasing the product between then and getting it delivered on a specific date to give them an advantage of getting a discount.

Another benefit to online shopping is that it allows customers to feel free to make slow decisions. This can be different in shops as they can feel rushed to make a choice. In addition, choices can be changed easily and quickly before the order has been made. There is also a further choice to cancel orders for customers if they are truly indecisive about the product.

There are few disadvantages compared to advantages of product promotion. One example of this is that customers may feel there is too much product promotion on the business's social media sites. This might put them off from following them and their products as they may feel there is too much repetition occurring. If the customer has lost interest in the promotion, the advertisement can lose the overall effect on the target audience. in addition, if the customer does not have any interest in the product then it has been a waste of time, effort, and resources for the business to prepare for them.

Customers might feel annoyed by how much promotion there is if the product isn't up to their standards, so they may feel the product is a waste of their time and a waste of money for the business to promote and produce- which they may feel isn't environmentally and economically friendly. This can further give the business a negative reputation for showing careless actions. To prevent this from happening, the business needs to keep up communication with the customer. This can be done by doing polls on social media sites to ask for opinions on specific products, and if the polls are negative then the business shouldn't waste their time and money promoting a certain product.

The advantage of customer service and communication is that there is a higher chance of resolving customer queries, especially if it is a direct conversation (such as on the telephone). However, this can be very time-consuming for the customer and can potentially cost them money depending on how long they have been discussing the issue with the business. This may convince the customer to give negative feedback as they may feel that discussing the issue with the business has cost them extra money. On the other hand, the customer could feel they have had excellent support through the process and can give positive feedback for the help they have received. This may encourage the customer to make a further repeat purchase as they may know what to do independently to prevent the issue from occurring again. In addition, if the customer is really satisfied with how their problem is resolved, they will gain confidence to recommend the business and products/services to a friend or family member- thus increasing the business's customers.

If a customer receives good customer service, they might feel strongly confident that the mistake will not occur again. This is also an effective way for the business to show their expertise about the business and how to prevent mistakes from occurring as well as quickly resolving issues. If the customer is happy with the business and the communication, then it is more likely for the customer to recommend the business to another person who might need their products and services. In addition, if the customer is more satisfied then they can write an online review on the business's website to give an anecdote. This is effective as it can show other potential customers the previous customers' experiences when communicating with the business and how they felt during the process. They could also talk about the many benefits they gained and additional drawbacks. It is good if a customer shows critical thinking to allow the business to see how the customer felt to improve in the future.

Resolving customer queries is vital for the business as it determines whether or not the user is happy with the business's communication as a whole. If the customer service is successful, the users may feel they can further trust the business to answer other questions that are holding back the customer from purchasing goods. This increases the likeliness of the customer using the business again to fulfill a repeat purchase- which is a positive for the business as they gain money and satisfaction from the customer. The more customer queries to answer the better as it informs the business what the customer wants from the business and how they can provide it to the customer. Furthermore, this also allows the business to see if there is a repetitive pattern in queries. This is good for the business as they could fix an entire problem without lots of customers asking them. an example of this can be a lack of specific information in the product description such as where the items are shipped out to.

If the customer feels they have had excellent customer service, then they can feel confident in generating a repeat purchase for the business. This is a positive for the business and the customer as they can rely on the business to provide appropriate items for them, and the business can make enough money to expand and become more known- which can increase the number of customers that the business has. They can use the extra money to increase the promotion of popular products or to expand their collection of products and services. Regular customers can become more aware of how the business works. For example, they will know when it is best to contact the business when they are least busy to save the customer time. Repeat purchases show comfort and loyalty from the customer as they trust the business- whether from past ease or trust through friends' anecdotes

Feedback is important for the business to know how the customer feels about their discussion with them. Many customers feel disappointed with general customer service, but only 4% send a formal complaint whether on the phone or via email. However, customers may not have understood the customer service they received when inquiring about their queries. This has the potential to annoy and distress customers to write negative feedback to the business. The customer's aim may be to prevent this issue from occurring again to another customer as it may have been an unpleasant experience for them- thus is used for writing reviews on the business's website to potentially warn others. Another reason why feedback may have been negative is that the customers may have felt a lot of their time has been wasted during the day and might have other tasks to complete. In addition, customer service lines usually charge depending on how long the call duration lasts. This might be quite expensive for a confused customer and may further irritate them. Furthermore, this can convince the customer to not want to continue purchasing from the company as they consume the customer's time and money.

A few advantages of promoting brand image online is that it shows the business audience that they have confidence in providing products/services to them. This additionally shows that they are professional and know what they are doing- thus presenting their expertise in working with customers to quickly gain their trust. Furthermore, this shows the customers that the business may be successful in handling customer queries and giving customers clarification about the problems that might occur. However, a disadvantage can perhaps be that if the business accidentally creates a negative reputation, people will associate the business's brand image with their reputation. This therefore indicates that the customer might consider purchasing their products but may remember the business's bad reputation.

Another disadvantage is that if the business changes its brand image, then its target audience may not necessarily appreciate this and can further put them off purchasing any more products from the business. Furthermore, it may persuade the customers to purchase similar products from the business's competitors.

Promoting brand image shows the potential customers that the business is professional and has lots of confidence. This can make the customer feel more confident when interacting with the business- either to make a purchase or to communicate with them to resolve an issue. Professionality can reassure the customer that the business is legit. A good brand image for a business is usually well known and can be easily identified by anyone, even if they don't interact with the business at all, this can give them some form of indication on what the business provides and when they are available to purchase from. These people who have little knowledge of the business are aware of their existence still, so when they are questioned about it by another individual they can still provide some information to them. This proves that the brand image that the business has can give people some form of knowledge and understanding, so when they need to use the business, they will know how to contact them, how to make a purchase, and what items are available.

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By promoting a specific brand image, competitors can get the impression that the business is big-headed and is only financially motivated. In addition, if a business is known for being ethically wrong, a negative reputation can stay with the business's brand image for most of its life expectancy. This can prevent customers from generating a repeat purchase and can even stop new customers from purchasing from the business as a first-time customer. Furthermore, this shows the lack of trust people would have for the business as a whole and can further damage their reputation through people's anecdotes about how they haven't had a good time dealing with the business.

Physically changed, people won't like it as they could have been used to one way in which it looks rather than another. A od example of this is Instagram and how they changed their entire structure and layout. This dramatic change generated many mixed emotions from viewers but in the end, it just generated further publicity for the social networking site. If customers were to decide to delete their accounts, the would still be the potential that other customers would want to create their account- which effectively doesn’t harm the social networking site, but just balances it out and changes customers and their different wants and needs.

Resolving customer queries will make the customer feel satisfied that their problems are sorted by the business, however, in some circumstances, the customer may not understand what the business is advising them to do. This might give them a lack of patience as they don’t know how to handle the situation and therefore might prevent them from working with the business in the future. On the other hand, the business can give excellent advice to the customer which can prevent the same mistake from occurring multiple times- thus showing the customer that the business cares about them.

In addition, another advantage is that it shows the customers that the business has time to help them through confusing stages while interacting with the business. Contrasting that point, customers may feel they are wasting their own time and money while discussing the issues with the business as most customer service lines charge people depending on how long the call has duration was.

Resolving customer queries is essential for the business to identify what the customer wants from them. This can be done through customer service and simple interaction with the business- such as commenting on various social media posts. Instant and quick replies can help the customer feel satisfied with the information the business provides them with. The interaction also allows the customer to feel confident when talking to the business and allows them to not feel they are wasting the business's time when asking questions.

When a business clarifies to the customer how to resolve the issue carefully, it can also emphasize how to prevent the problem from repeating, this allows the customer to become more independent when dealing with the business. The customer can also help others online to stop the mistake from happening again by writing an online review, where various customers can come together and share the feedback that the business gave them collectively.

Another advantage is that resolving customer queries proves to the customers that the business can help them through confusing moments. This shows the business's loyalty to the customer and how they have time to help them prevent negative opinions from arising.

There are many disadvantages of resolving customer queries, an example of this is that the customers may not understand what is being said to them. The technical language a business may use to help the customer might be confusing if they aren't aware of what anything means. This can decrease a customer's patience while dealing with the business and can prevent them from using the business again. A long-term effect of this is that the business's sales can decrease if multiple people feel the same way. However, this can be prevented if the business uses simplistic terminology and lots of descriptions to help them resolve minor and major problems. In addition, lots of descriptions may consume a large amount of time for the user which can demotivate them and feel they are wasting their time and money on the customer.

Viruses can affect a businesses social media account by monitoring their activity. This is a disadvantage as there is a risk of losing specific information (such as content and possibly followers) and frequent crashes on the social networking site. This can affect a company's reputation as it shows they cannot handle a situation. On the other hand, it can be prevented through the use of antivirus protection and an appropriate firewall. The business needs to avoid opening spam emails, avoid opening messages from unknown senders, and immediately delete messages they predict to be spam.

Trojan malware is often disguised as trusted software. They can be paid by cyber thefts to gain access to the user's systems. This is dangerous for businesses as their information can be seen and manipulated into something different. They can often take your money and expose your private files to the internet. Antimalware software can prevent these issues from occurring on most devices and they are usually reasonably priced to suit each user.

Spyware can be placed in programs that a business downloads to monitor their activity (such as social media content and reports on sales). They have the potential to request money to release you from their grasp, however, this doesn't usually work. To avoid this from happening businesses should install an antivirus tool to prevent it.

Worms silently affect the user's computer without them knowing. They enter the user's files and computer through spam emails and direct messages. Worms can modify and delete entire files and steal information- thus allowing hacker groups to further gain access to files. This is a risk for a business as their long-term records can be deleted.

Blackmail is used to stop a business from feeling comfortable with selling products/services. This is usually done by threatening the business as a whole into believing they can be impacted by selling their products. Competitors or hacker groups can usually do this to scare the competition in 

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