Green Consumerism Essay

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Green consumer values impact on environmental sustainability:

Green consumerism refers to the intentions of individuals to care and sense of responsibility for environmental sustainability to promote and pay close attention to the positive effects on the environment -Yue, Sheng, She, Xu (2020).

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Green products are categorized as, energy efficient, recyclable, eco-friendly packaging, and nontoxic material which helps to develop sustainability in the environment -Chen, Chang (2013).

Green consumers may face in the markets, as well as illustrate the limitations of framing and targeting environmental policies measured in terms of individual motivation and morally responsible decision-making -Moisander (2007).

Green consumerism is a subsumed list of behaviors that are undertaken to promote positive environmental effects -Sachdeva (2015).

Green consumerism is a significant portion of the Western industrialized population, such an accessible source to design an engagement in pro-environmental and sustainable behavior -Mazar (2015).

The term 'green consumerism' impacts on environmental sustainability as, green consumers are a substantial resource for environmental management, social accountability, corporate citizenship, and the health and safety of lifestyle -Pedersen, Neergaard (2006).

According to the research by Dr. Mona Verma (2019).

Consumers are becoming increasingly quite conscious of environmentally friendly goods. Green consumers are very concerned with green activities. Green consumers always select those products that should build a healthy environment not only for their lifestyle but for a healthier society too. By using eco-friendly products, the environment can become healthier and protected from various damages. Green consumers are the tremendous click to create a sustainable environment, lessening the amount of harmful effects from society.

Furthermore, textile and fashion products are manufactured, distributed even sold worldwide range. That's why the textile and fashion industries have quite an interlinked relationship with environmental sustainability. The tendency of eco-friendly products is to be used in textile and apparel products, particularly those products that directly come into contact with skin for prolonged area of time. These products included sanitary products, footwear, watches, purses, etc.

Eco-friendly clothing is termed as clothing made with natural fibers such as organic cotton and hemp. Even clothes have been dyed organically using vegetables. Through these practices, the environment is affected positively.

Since 2006, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) working as a relatively new worldwide processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers.

Idealistic behavior by consumers towards green products has a large impact on the sustainability of environmental regulations -Eriksson (2004).

Green consumer understands the environmental consequences of their consumption pattern, through their choices about products they'd inevitably put intensive pressure on the manufacturers to move ahead towards sustainable production. Green consumerism once lays the responsibility to undertake the function of maintaining economic growth while improving environmental sustainability -Akenji (2014).

Certainly, people have the intention to convert biological diversities towards the ecosystem to agriculture or logged forests to improve their economic conditions and environmental sustainability and balance their lifestyle -Hardner, Rice (2002).

To transform standard criteria of environmental sustainability, green consumers work as a source of developing a sustainable environment, by choosing eco-friendly products -Bostrom, Klintman (2008).

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