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Within America and the Pill: A History of Promise, Peril, and Liberation, Elaine Tyler May recounts the lasting cultural impact of birth control during the 1960s and 1970s. May analyzes the initial logic in which birth control was defined and discusses the ramifications caused due its shifting meaning amongst physicians, women, and politics. “The pill” initially claimed to have the ability to reduce the nation’s population and communism, diminish poverty and marital dysfunction, and encourage capitalism. () While it did not live up to such claims, birth control played a major role in assisting women who craved reproductive agency and sexual liberty. May follows the historical backdrop of the pill from its endorsement in 1960, she examines ways in which birth control satisfied early desires, how the pill empowered women, and how patriarchy sought to reject women’s liberation.

May starts the discussion by reexamining the pill’s launch. Once available, the pill’s leading advocates were not only researchers but feminists. Although male researchers, John Rock and Gregory Pincus, were fundamentally responsible for the production of the pill, their efforts were superseded by the conviction and assurance of Margaret Sanger, with the alliance of Katherine McCormick. May uncovers the sole influencing factor for Sanger’s desire to guarantee the creation of birth control, feminism. Sanger’s feminist ideologies allowed women to envision birth control as a gateway into the sexual unknown. Sanger’s initial actions of opening the first birth control clinic landed her in prison. During this time, McCormick financed early research for birth control and unlawfully imported diaphragms into Sanger’s clinic. () Even though Sanger and McCormick are not recognized for the scientific analysis of birth control, May regards them as the “mothers of invention” for helping make the pill accessible to those who sought out preventative options. () Toward the end of the section, May discloses her personal history with birth control, acknowledging her father’s involvement with the production of the pill. Edward Tyler, May’s father, delayed the FDA approval of the pill until he was content with the preemptive measures ensured to combat the harsh side effects.

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While Sanger and McCormick’s vision for birth control would assist women with controlling their reproductive system, the study of the pill revealed a close association with politics, eugenics, social movements, and sexual liberation. This association resulted in the silence of women's voices regarding the discussion of reproductive agency. Unfortunately, the pill was only accessible to women who were married to white women, leaving the minority with a feeling of hopelessness. ()

Many advocates believed the aid of birth control would encourage women to prepare for reproduction, as well as, space out births. Conversely, some proponents were in favor of eugenics, anticipating the reduction of births from those who were assumed to be “unfit” to reproduce. In most cases, this belief was aimed at poor Black women. () In other countries, specifically in India, population rates were rapidly growing. Campaigners were certain that the pill would aid in reducing the population, but this proved to be a difficult task due to the isolated villages where health professionals were limited. ()

In the latter portion of the book, May details the varied responses the pill received amongst women who were searching for an efficient contraceptive. Many commended the pill’s capacity to isolate the sexual act from reproduction, others called for more data about the health risks and side effects. Women grew frustrated with researchers dismissing the varied experiences they encountered while on birth control. Researchers were reluctant to add women’s familiarity in scientific studies to determine its safety. This resulted in the rapid growth of the women’s health movement which required efficient evidence on birth control research.  

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