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Argumentative Essay on Birth Control

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Birth Control is Beneficial

Around the world, many women experience unplanned pregnancies. The lack of knowledge of an unplanned pregnancy can result into women get abortions, give up for adoption, mistreat treat the child, or even leave the children with grandparents for them to care. In other cases, mothers give all the love they can to their child. When there is an unwanted pregnancy everything changes for all women positive or negative. when that’s the case there should be birth control information given to everyone who are not ready to become parents. Birth control also serves many other ways than just saving one from having a baby. Birth control avoids many unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, helps women mature about body decisions and, help with body concerns and regulations.

“Past improvements in the use of birth control show the role it can play in reducing unplanned pregnancy and abortion. Between 1982 (when national data on contraceptive use among unmarried women became available) and 2002, abortion and unplanned pregnancy fell as use of birth control increased.” (Kaye et al. 7). Unwanted pregnancies and the number of abortions was reduced, when birth control was approved for all women. This shows how many women did not intend to have an unplanned pregnancy. With birth control all women are able to control when is the appropriate time to start conceiving. It also helps women know who they would like to start a family with. A pregnancy should be an aww, instead of an uh-oh

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Besides helping with unplanned pregnancies and abortions birth control can help any woman to act maturely with their own body. This means that one can be in control. By controlling your body, means by taking the responsibility of knowing who you lend your body to. When on birth control should be the best way to be able to think about when to start settling and starting a family. Such as thinking more about your family’s future plans. This can give you time to think about moving forward. Birth control can be taken off when very committed to surely be off. In a clinic, there must be a confirmation of why to leave birth control.

Many women throughout the world can have irregular periods, acne, hormone change, and even really painful cramps! Birth control can help regulate and even help reduce ovarian cancer a ovarian cyst.

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