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It was early morning, the water was glistening, the wind gently blowing, and the sun was peeking out just enough to send rays of warmth throughout on a cool fall day. Imagine learning about nature in this calming clear environment. By just learning in a calm environment and having experienced the subject in person people can learn more rather than listening to someone else's experiences or learnings which have no backing in their mind. Whether it be in life or school experience can teach people more than experience for some lessons cannot be taught only felt. Experience can range broadly in terms of content and teaches people far more than formal education could whether cultural or urban experiences as seen in an Indian father's plea, operation conductorette, and everyday use. Authors Robert Lake, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker demonstrate through their work that experience is more important than education by showing distinctions between the characters of each work and how these distinctions have made them each unique while showing the value of experience.

Windwolf and Maya Angelou from An Indian Father’s Plea and Occupation Conductorette are both characters who show that experience is more important than education by showing how different experiences have allowed them to learn more than formal education could teach. Maya Angelou in operation conductorette says that she had, “earned the magic formula which would make me a part of the gay life my contemporaries led,”(Angelou 85-87) only after,” learning perversity of life, that in the struggle lies the joy.” (Angelou 128) By listing out her experience in San Francisco, the author shows that despite her education and schooling experience was the only thing that helped her in real life. She showed that it didn’t matter and that society was based on norms and culture not just formal education. By showing that she only received a job after learning the tricks, she proves that experience is more important than education. Windwolf from Indian Father’s Plea also shows experience to be more important than education. For example, Windwolf was,” taught him to count and know his numbers while they sorted out the complex materials used to make the abstract designs in the native baskets.”(Lake 22) By doing so he shows that WIndwolf has “already been through quite an education compared with his peers in Western society” (Lake 6) and proves that he may even be ahead despite being different and having a more cultural education. He shows that experience can teach you the same amount as education, if not more. He also shows that it is more inclusive and can teach all people and be understood by all people or is universal showing that experience is more important than education.

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Although Dee from Everyday Use makes a strong argument for education value over experience Windwolf from An Indian Father’s Plea proves my position by showing key differences in their education and how experience can cover more extensive life lessons through his culture-based experience. The author shows Dee to “read to us without pity; forcing words, lies,other folks habits,”(Walker 47) and characterizes her beliefs as “wanted nice things and had a certain style.”(Walker 51) By showing her successes and wealth the author shows that education can succeed over experience despite the amount of time spent acquiring experience and skills. She shows that education and status are more important in life and society and it is the key to success no matter the amount of experience. However, WIndwolf was able to adapt to multiple situations and gained multiple skills both in manners as well as formal education. By showing how Windwolf was able to gain skills in multiple areas with his experience rather than formal education Robert Lake shows that Dee's education or education without experience is one-sided and therefore incomplete. He shows that only education can lead to being able to only handle certain situations He proves that experience-based learning is more important as it teaches you both.

While experience is more important than education, education shouldn’t be ignored either. Rather they should both be taken into account and integrated to create a wholesome and enriching learning experience. Too much of one thing is never a good thing and this applies to learning as well and time should be taken to assess the needs of every individual, for they are the future of society. By incorporating education and experience into learning, people will be better prepared for the future and impact the world in ways never seen before.  

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