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Representation of Phillis Wheatley in the Essay “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens' by Alice Walker

In the essay “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens,” Alice Walker primarily talks about the important artistry and expression of creativity African Americans possess and how that was directly linked to their survival before they were taken into slavery and were forced into a way of living. The quote “To be an artist and a black women, even today, lowers our status in many respects, rather than raises it: and yet artists we will be” (Walker 430). shows that the...
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Empowerment In Alice Walker’s The Colour Purple

Alice Walker once said, “the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”. The main character in The Colour Purple is made to believe by men that she has no power, so she feels as if she has none. She gives up her power because she believes she has none, but the women around her help her to reclaim that power. Alice Walker’s The Colour Purple implies that females empower each other when...
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Meridian by Alice Walker: Critical Analysis

Walker in Meridian shows how parenthood is ‘a holy messenger of seeing life,’ of regarding all life, of contradicting all that may smash it. It underscores that parenthood isn’t just natural state anyway a frame of mind towards life. Walker revolves around the wide racial experiences of African-Americans and as a ‘ boss of the Womanist world’ she is concerned of dark ladies who have been significantly removed by the white culture. As Karen Stein composes: the novel calls attention...
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Textual Analysis of Chapter 3 of The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Introduction This chapter describes the methodology that was used in the research, the literary, and textual or discourse analysis. It includes the Language used in the novel, the Oppression in the novel, the Setting, the themes, Symbolism and Authorship in the novel of Walker. The chapter lays down how women of color particularly African American women are not given the same type of humanity or treatment on literature. This chapter will focus on how women are represented in The Color...
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Black Feminism Overview: Alice Walker's The Color Purple

Feminism is mostly considered as a Movement. It helps to recover women’s rights in the society. In the eighteenth century, women had a lot of rules in society. According to the black people, men are always one step ahead of women and believe that they have various privileges. The main theme of feminism is based on women’s equality. Mainly, the feminist critic is often focused on gender, race, and sexuality in literature and other aspects of life. Feminism is a...
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Underlying Eurocentrism In Alice Walker’s Works With Particular Reference To The Colour Purple

Alice Work’s works contain a “Latent Eurocentricism” perpetuating the colonist vision of the African subcontinent as primitive. Examine with particular reference to the portrayal of the Olinka community in The Color Purple The Color Purple is novel by the Afro-American author Alice walker. It is in epistolary form of narration where Celie, the protagonist writes letters to God reciting her sufferings as an Afro –American woman, living in the Southern part of the United States during the 1930s. The latter...
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Celie’s Identity In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

Alice Walker is an African-American writer. Most of her novel deals with the experience of every black people’s life. The Black people are universally considered as a slave in their own society and this paper describes Alice Walker’s The Color Purple which typically portrays the oppressed black women’s social identity. It carefully explores the women’s position in America and especially points out the protagonist of the novel, Celie’s identity, and oppression. It is written in epistolary form. At the beginning...
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Female Relationships in The Color Purple by Alice Walker: Critical Analysis

Throughout Alice Walker’s novel ‘The Color Purple’, she successfully communicates the importance and power of strong female relationships in several forms, so much so that it quickly becomes the main foundation of the plot. She frequently reminds the reader of the arduous battle that women living in a patriarchal society have to fight daily to gain some form of personal identity, and the liberating improvements that come as a result of women uniting against the oppressive and phallocentric behaviour of...
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Critical Review of Alice Walker's Novels

The protagonist of the novel is Meridian. Her dreams are about the releasing of her mother from the burden that motherhood has a result brings out of the initiatory experiences that Meridian undergoes in an effort to find her identity and her own moral center where she tries to develop completeness of being. Meridian, The title character, is a college-educated woman who confronts in her life with aiding southern blacks in gaining political and social equality. For the process...
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Alice Walker’s Role as a Leading Feminist and Civil Rights Activist in the Late 1900s

“Mommy, there’s a world in your eye” (Walker, “When the Other Dancer Is the Self” 45). Seven words penetrated the hardened heart of a woman who knew nothing but cruelty concerning her battered eye. As a woman of color, physical deformity, and unique naturalistic ideals, Alice Walker rose to great heights as a black “Womanist” essayist, novelist and poet in the late 1900s. She lived during a time of a war and great racism and oppression. Her career took flight...
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The Topic Of Women Oppression In Alice Walker's Major Novels

Women throughout the ages have always been a part of literature. Unfortunately, they often portrayed themselves as a weaker, inferior, were unable to survive on their own, and were unable to do their work on their own. Women are beautiful and obedient, they couldn’t think on their own, according to the guy.According to the novel of Alice Walker, most ladies were inherently indifferent to love, having never been allowed to share their feelings. In addition, they don’t know how to...
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Dee Character Analysis In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

Alice Walker uses a recurring theme in the short story, ‘Everyday Use,’ to portray harmony amidst difficulties and conflicts within the African-American culture. She relies on the experiences of people in Mrs. Johnson’s household. The encounter happens when the educated member of the family, Dee, visits her mother, Mama and her younger sister Maggie in the company of her Muslim boyfriend Hakim. Walker utilizes characterization to show the difference between the perceptions of African-American culture and ultimately upholds them to...
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