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Representation of Views of Society in British America in Poems of Phillis Wheatley and Crevecoeur

In Crevecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer and the assigned poems of Phillis Wheatley, both authors use their unique backgrounds to discuss the complex and often opposing views of society in British America. Told from the perspective of a fictional narrator in correspondence with a gentleman, Crevecoeur’s Letters describe British society as revolutionary yet overshadows it by the joy and liberation experienced in the transition from Europe to America. On the other hand, the assigned poems by Phillis Wheatley includes...
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Crevecoeur Versus Wheatley: Comparative Analysis of Poetry

Freedom in British America Crevecoeur through the persona of James writes letters to an Englishman and describes what life is like in America. Phillis Wheatley, a slave who came to the colonies as a child, received an education from her Christian owners and began to write poems on various aspects of life in America. Crevecoeur’s ​Letters from an American Farmer and Phillis Wheatley’s poems both demonstrate that society in British America is admirable compared to that of the motherland in...
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Critical Analysis of Douglass' and Wheatley's Poetry

Frederick Douglass: An escaped slave, he is in his mid-twenties, but the first twenty years of his life were from 1818 – 1838. The last few have taken place in the 2010s. He is headstrong, confident, traumatized by slavery, and adamant about how Black people are truly not free until everything is 100% equal. He is now an upcoming artist who tells his story through music. Phillis Wheatley: She is also in her mid-twenties, she is a former slave, who...
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Representation of Phillis Wheatley in the Essay “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens' by Alice Walker

In the essay “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens,” Alice Walker primarily talks about the important artistry and expression of creativity African Americans possess and how that was directly linked to their survival before they were taken into slavery and were forced into a way of living. The quote “To be an artist and a black women, even today, lowers our status in many respects, rather than raises it: and yet artists we will be” (Walker 430). shows that the...
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Personal Life and Influences in Phillis Wheatley’s Creative Legacy

United States The infamous times of slavery in America had begun in the early 17th century and continued lawfully for over 250 years. This period of legal consent for abusive treatment of an ethnic minority has heavily marked the racial relations in the United States. For centuries African Americans appeared invisible to the majority of white citizens who considered them as capable of merely physical work. For this reason, the figure of Phillis Wheatley, the first published Afro-American poet of...
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Thematic Review of Anne Bradstreet's, Olaudah Equiano's and Phillis Wheatley's Works

In Wheatley’s ‘On Being Brought From Africa to America’, it seems like she is saying that her voyage from Africa to America is a blessing. She feels that being in America has given her an opportunity to find and love God, and that no matter their captors beliefs are, in the end they will join the angelic train. In Wheatley’s ‘Thoughts on the Works of Providence’, she praises God for his works of creation along with his power, goodness and...
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J. Hector St. John Crevecoeur's and Phillis Wheatley's Views on British American Society

For many people, the American colonies was a chance to start anew, as they sought to escape political oppression, to be able to practice their religion, or for new opportunities that had been denied to them back home. This was the case for J. Hector St. John Crèvecoeur and Phillis Wheatley, as they both were able to explore their own brands of freedom in the new land they called home. Crèvecoeur’s ‘Letters from an American Farmer’ and Phillis Wheatley’s poems...
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Reflection of American History in Literary Works

From the early beginnings up to 1865 America was being created and shaped into the country it is today. Early civilization started with Native Americans. ‘Iroquois Creation’ by David Cusick was written during the Native American literary period. During this time authors focused on storytelling. The creation story shows speeches, tales and poetry of the Native American oral tradition. In this short story the author describes the foundation of what is now called North America. “When he made the universe,...
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The Review of Cokie Roberts' 'Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation'

‘Founding Mothers’ is a multi-faceted biography that recognizes the undiscussed efforts and contributions of women during the American Revolution. Roberts uses primary sources written by these women in the form of diary journals and letters to analyze the unseen aspects of women’s achievements during the war and give dimension to their lives. Specifically, figures such as Martha Washington, Sarah Pinckney, and Abigail Adams amongst others are discussed in detail in terms of their contributions to the war efforts and their...
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Review of Phillis Wheatley's Poem 'To the University of Cambridge, in New-England'

‘To the University of Cambridge, in New-England’ is an early poem by Phyllis Whitley, the first black woman to publish poetry in English. In this poem, Whitley pleads with a group of new Harvard students to be good Christians and never forget the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity. The poem is a kind of imaginary sermon or opening speech in which Wheatley demonstrates his authority and precocious understanding of poetry. The humble tone which the speaker adopts while presenting...
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