Thematic Review of Anne Bradstreet's, Olaudah Equiano's and Phillis Wheatley's Works

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In Wheatley's 'On Being Brought From Africa to America', it seems like she is saying that her voyage from Africa to America is a blessing. She feels that being in America has given her an opportunity to find and love God, and that no matter their captors beliefs are, in the end they will join the angelic train. In Wheatley's 'Thoughts on the Works of Providence', she praises God for his works of creation along with his power, goodness and wisdom. In the end, she says that everywhere you look, you see God's infinite love. In Wheatley's 'To His Excellency General Washington', she personifies America as a classic female heroin, Colombia. She urges Washington to fight for their freedom from British rule and portrays the British as slow and clumsy. She then exhorts Washington to engage in war knowing that his side is the virtuous one, and that he is guided by the goddess Columbia. She states that Washington will soon posses a crown, mansion and a throne. After thoroughly delving into Phillis Wheatley essays, I've come to a profound appreciation for her perspective.

In Equiano's 'Chapter 1' Equiano acknowledges the difficulty of escaping the charge of vanity for writing a memoir, a genre usually dealing in remarkable events. He describes Africa as a place where slave trades are held, and was from Essaka. Equiano begins talking the culture and customs of the place he came from. He insists on strong, even harsh,moral precepts, which would seem familiar to a British audience for whom adultery was also a grave sin. One of the major distinguishing features of this society is its lack of luxury, something that Equiano will be able to contrast with the decadence and immodesty he sees among white Europeans. In Equiano's 'Chapter 2', he talks about how his childhood memories are bittersweet and that he was the youngest of his seven siblings. He was on watch with his only sister and they were kidnapped and sold for slavery. After months of being sold multiple times he was finally at sea. Equiano seeks to differentiate between immorality and brutality of the civilized Europeans and their African counterparts, this began when he was captured by native Africans. He also described white slave owners as wasteful and unclean. In conclusion to this chapter, he touches on the horrors and realities of the slave trade in which he wishes to destroy.

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In Bradstreet's 'The Author to Her Book', I believe she is comparing her poems to mother hood. Her poems were snatched by friends and were published without her consent, like a child being kidnapped. Her poems had many errors and she was embarrassed to be the author of them, A child with flaws. She tried to fix it's faults like a mother would with a child, but the more she corrected them, the worse it got. In the end, it sounds like she sent the poem out herself. In Bradstreet's 'For Deliverance from a Fever', it begins with her talking about her sufferings such as burning flash, sweating, headache and tossing and turning with so comfort. She is afraid God is upset with her and she calls to him to not hid from her and to protect her soul if she dies. She ends the poem by saying God heard her cries and showed his tender love and redeemed her soul from Hell, and she would praise him for ever. In the Native Americans: Trickster Tales, the message of this tale is to listen to those who warn you. Trickster was walking and heard the bulb say to not eat him and he ignored it and ate the bulb. After he ate the bulb, he had gas and then experienced an immense amount of excrement.I have noticed that some authors have some similarities either in their personalities or their writings.

Bradstreet and Bradford are similar in some ways, they both wrote some of the best work in their time, they both were born in England, they bother got through some tough times, religion were big parts in their lives and they were both puritans. They both talk about their experience in the colonies. Bradford wrote about the starving time and Bradstreet wrote about her house burning down. Phillis Wheatley and Anne Bradstreet are both similar in my opinion not only because they were both women writers in a time where women had no rights, but because they both decided to do American Poetry instead of writing traditional literature. Wheatley wrote about the challenges of being a slave and Bradstreet wrote bout the challenges of being a woman. Equiano and De Crevecoeur have similar writings, both describe the American character to the Europeans. Winthrop and Bradstreet are similar because they are both Puritans and religion is also a very serious topic for them.

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