Poverty Life Changing Essay

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The contribution and significance of the Forestry sector to national economic growth and development cannot be overemphasized. In developing countries like Nigeria, the daily needs of many industries and households depend substantially on the tropical forest which is greatly enriched in biodiversity. for their daily needs. However, the irrational and uncontrolled exploitation of these forest and environmental resources poses a serious threat to their conservation and sustainable utilization. of these valuable resources. Well-designed and maintained built environments provide additional essential economic and social benefits. Removals of forest cover to meet urban demands, grow more food crops, and produce more energy all result in global warming and which have serious threat to the sustainable environment in itself is a global issue to combat. To this effect, Forest conservation and monitoring are paramount to secure the forest as they help to combat Climate Change. I am a 28-year-old Male Nigerian citizen who is passionate about Forest Conservation and Climate change mitigation. I obtained a First Class Honours in Forestry and Wildlife Management with a CGPA of 4.54 on a scale of 5.00, emerging as the second-best in the Department. I am applying for a Master’s scholarship at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. National Diploma Certificate in Forestry Technology from Federal College of Forestry, Jericho Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I graduated with an upper credit (CGPA of 3.40 on a 4.00 scale) and also as the overall best-graduating student in my department and co-best graduating student in my college. I further my education to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Forestry and Wildlife Management (Forestry option) from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, with a first-class honor (CGPA of 4.54 on a scale of 5.00) and also as a second best student in my department. and lack the resourceful amenities to maintain ecological integrity and balance.  Comment by Ijeaku ADIM: Backing this statement up with fact (say; numerical fact) will make it more authentic. Comment by Ijeaku ADIM: I don’t understand the connection. Look up the meaning of “built environments”

Education is gold, knowledge is power and learning is continuous. The world has greatly developed today because man continued learning and its application, solved his problems. I grew up listening to howling wind running through trees and green and dried leaves. I knew the dampness of the ground by heart and sniffed out the odors of different decomposing woods and rotten fruits. There was a type of shade that built a home inside me each time I walked past the haggard brownish tree backs, the carpeting of the larger trees was home to birds of varying melodies and I loved everything that made the forest a home. I have lived all my life in Nigeria, a potentially great nation with huge human and resource capital but paradoxically with startling abysmal returns. I was born in a rural area and had a swell taste of what life meant there. From elementary to High school, the goal was to be the best in whatever I found myself doing. I wasn’t privileged to repeat a class twice like my peers because my parents were poor and struggled all day on the farm to give me and my siblings, a better life than theirs. Education was a sort of empowerment they had, though it was public and poor, but I loved and did all I could to own it. Comment by Ijeaku ADIM: Nice write-up, but doesn’t fit in at this point.

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Great advantage for me to study in two world-class universities which would be life life-changing experience that will benefit me and my home country as a whole. These Universities are reputable institutions that are globally recognized for excellence in teaching and research in the field of forestry and nature management. I am attracted to these Universities because they are the World's most internationally distinguished universities dedicated to giving the best to students irrespective of their nationality.

Pursuing a Master's degree in European Forestry at any of the Universities offering the course since it is a joint prestigious and meritorious program will furnish me with the necessary skills and knowledge on forest resources conservation, environmental management, ecology, forest management, and climate change control. This will help to enhance sustainable forest management as well as mitigate the devastating effects of climate change emanating as consequences of over-exploitation of environmental resources.

I consider myself to be a suitable and reputable candidate for this meritorious program because I have a strong background knowledge of forestry. My final research thesis focused on a project topic titled “Effect of mycorrhiza inoculation and watering regime on the growth performance of Garcinia kola (Heckel) seedlings” as a partial fulfillment of the award of a bachelor's degree. I have adequate background knowledge and experience in forestry. During my internship at the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, I worked as an assistant forest superintendent actively involved in overall tree management and supervision of logging of trees and pruning of tree branches and also volunteered to join the forest extension officer to explore how natural, human and institutional resources in the community can be developed to bring about rural development through tree planting and to make adequate information available in a suitable form to the rural communities.

Knowing all these, I find it purposeful and needful to be a part of this salvation narrative of the Nigerian forests. I volunteered in a couple of groups to help plant trees in several parts of the nation but mere planting of trees isn’t enough to save the nation. There is a need to acquire a depth of knowledge, skill, and experience that can further be explored and used in teaching other-like minds. I want to be among the great minds (environmental consultants) that will put Nigeria on the map of anti-climate protected nations from where other African countries will come to learn the nitty-gritty of forest sustenance and management. I also have the intention of securing a global position that will help me influence global policies as regards the challenges that will arise during the 2050 urbanization era. Moreover, I always feel impulsive to do something for my people, for my country, and broadly for Africa.

These are my dreams, purpose, and reasons. Nowhere else best interprets them all apart from European Universities – the home of most successful research parks and scientific infrastructures. Beyond my desire to attend European Universities for academic reasons, Europe also appeals to me on a personal level. After spending six years in the rural setting of Ibadan, Nigeria, I am ready to live in a new, urban setting. Living in Europe would be perfect for me because it would allow me to experience life in a major city and allow me to have different cultural experiences. I would be very excited to be surrounded by the academically and culturally rich environment in European Universities. The historical blend of recorded successes and quality of education, affordable tuition, and global recognition of awarded degrees are the propellers for my decision. I compassionately believe that pursuing a master's degree program in European Forestry from these great institutions will afford me the needed opportunity to realize my dreams of safeguarding the Nigeria Forests and that of the world as a whole.

I hereby use this medium to apply for a taught Master's degree in European Forestry through the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship this fall. I look forward to receiving an admission offer as soon as my application documents are reviewed. Thank you for taking the time to review my application.

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