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Narrative Essay about Change

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The world has experienced drastic changes since the beginning of time. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus believed that “There is nothing permanent in this world except change.” He believed that the only constant in this world is change. Change is not new in our lives. It can take place in many different ways, and this can be dealt with in many various ways. We experience changes in our daily lives whether there's a simple change in the weather, a change in our lifestyle, or what we'd like to eat that day. Change seems to be the only thing we can be sure that's going to happen.

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Throughout our lives, we experienced many changes. We are exposed to change as one could say. In the years that I have existed in this world, I learned a lot of things, and one of these things is that everything will always change. No matter what you do change is certain in our lives. I experience change as young as I could remember. I saw how the things around me and the people around me changed. I saw myself change, physically and mentally, and became the person I ‘am today. I remember being someone who is childish and easily getting angry but now, I became a little bit more mature and more patient than before. I also observed how my beliefs and behaviors changed over time. How the amount of knowledge and things that I now know about life, in general, has changed on a daily basis. Change can be scary. The uncertainties and fear of not being able to adapt to the changes that come in our lives, make people avoid change. Others might have a hard time adapting to it, but change does not need to be hard and frightening. We can just accept it and adapt to change. I could recall how the first time I experienced changes in my physical appearance, it was quite alarming and scary but I learned that it was only natural to happen to us. Just like change, it is a natural phenomenon that happens to each of us. With change comes many great things such as endless possibilities and opportunities. Possibilities and opportunities do not come without change. I witnessed and even experienced how change can bring so many good things into our lives. Before I was quite lazy and unmotivated to learn in school, but then I realized the importance of learning at school to our lives. I changed my ways and found a way to help me motivate myself to learn. With the changes that I introduced to myself, I developed study habits and became motivated to learn. All of the changes I did resulted in positive outcomes and opened new doors of possibilities and opportunities in my life.

Change is a part of life. To quote Arthur Schopenhauer, “Change alone is eternal, perpetual, and immortal.” We walk in this world that is changing and evolving. Every day we face different changes in our lives. The only thing we could do is adapt and embrace change.

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