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Today when I went to the KSU dance concert, I arrived early to see the environment over there as it was my first dance concert. This concert took place at Kennesaw State University dance theater on the Marietta campus and it almost lasted for two hours. As I entered the theater, there were people at the door giving brochures related to the dance concert, with a brief description of the dance performances that were taking place tonight at the theater. There were two dance performances, one of which was 'Moon Dust' choreographed by Ivan Pulinkala and another one was 'Bones' choreographed by Lisa K. Lock.

The first dance 'Bones' was very slow-paced, but it had sudden sharp movements where the dancers tried to portray the sharp movements with their body language. The entrance of this dance was very theatrical as the male dancer enters and exits the stage by taking tiny slow steps and there was also a long red cloth tied around the back of his neck. The outfits for this performance were quite simple, and they executed the dance in a good manner. The music overall for this dance was slow as well, but when there were sudden movements in the dance, the music went a little loud. Based on my observations, to me, this dance was very organized, and I think this dance was trying to portray that we are all being judged by 'society' through our bodies. As in what background we come from and the way we look like or just the way we present ourselves, because during this dance there was a female dancer who tried to execute sudden dance movements that she was being 'judged' and she kept doing the particular movement several times. Through her movements, the dance expressed overwhelming emotions and I felt emotional as well because I was getting the message that she was trying to convey through her powerful moves.

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Moving forward, the second dance 'Moon Dust' had emotional music and the movements and gestures were slow in this dance as well. From my point of view, this dance was very well-executed, and the dancers did make it seem like they mastered the moves which they presented to us as the movements were uniform and unique as well. There were two male dancers and I could say that there were a good balance and harmony between all the dancers. The costumes were ordinary, and no physical props were used during this dance. Based on my observations, this dance was trying to show us our life’s mystery, but to me, I did not understand what they were trying to convey. All in all, I didn't really like this dance to its fullest because I did not know the message behind it, but although with some unforgettable moves and visual effects, it was a little entertaining. To me, what was eye-catching were the beautiful stunning effects that were brought projected throughout this dance was my absolute favorite part.

In conclusion, being an audience of the dance concert, when I left this concert, I left with a whole new understanding related to dance as it can portray so many things within the dance moves and gestures. To me, this whole experience was something different from anything I had experienced previously. Their costumes, body language, choreography, lighting, or we can just say the effects used during 'Moon Dust' and also the way they were so well-coordinated was not something ordinary at all, meaning to me, it was just so versatile and you could see the timing and the mastery they put into these two performances.

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