Self-Evaluation Essay on Informative Speech

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During my speech and my retake, I experienced different emotions. I categorized my reflection into three parts; the first is my rehearsal of the speech, the second is for the research, and the third is my struggles with the actual speech.

Before I went to do the first speech, I had rehearsed more than 20 times at my home. I listened to TED talks and tried copying their gestures. There was a long break before we had to do the speech. I also listened to other students doing their speeches to know what positive aspects of their speeches I should copy and what negative points I should avoid. However, there were so many clips and live speeches I watched that it became overwhelming for me. I asked myself if I could do it as well as these people. I rehearsed in front of my teddy bears for the first speech. I thought that it would help me elevate my nervousness, but it failed and I would talk more about it on my third point. During my retake, I tried rehearsing in front of people. I realized that it was better than rehearsing with Teddy Bears cause people could give me feedback on my postures and tone of voice.

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Moving on, the topic I had chosen was the Success Factors of a Start-Up. Having a background in Entrepreneurship had made me more well-versed in the topic. I was not confident, however, in communicating with an audience for more than three minutes. As presentations in my degree require us to be direct and fast. Dilly-dallying and prolonging what one wants to say is considered a part of failure in business. That is why I was very uncomfortable with my speech. Aside from the nervousness, I was thinking so much about prolonging the speech that I forgot what to say anymore. I knew how to explain them in a business setting or with a group of people who have an idea of what I was talking about. However, talking in front of an audience that is not from the same field scared me. Because I was worrying that they would get bored during my presentation. I looked for credible sources online that are published not less than three years.

Lastly, I was very nervous during the two speeches I did. Miss Lindsey made us watch the video of us presenting.

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