Self Concept and Communication Essay

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Self-conception is the way we as an individual identify or measure ourselves. I think the intellectual of Self-conception can be split down into double parts. Self-conception is the critical step towards finding “who” you are, and Self-esteem is the two phases that indicate “how” you experience personally. Self-conception is how we see ourselves in different zones such as our public communication with peers and households, self-image, attitudes, and ethos. I am going to talk about three special social relations. I am a college student, an entertaining friend, and the role of a child. As I am experiencing these three common roles, there is a disparity in actions. As I cavort the role of a school student and expert in a territory where there are classmates, I pretend to be introspective, and when I play the role of an inmate, I am more demonstrative due to the fact I get to express my feelings. Self-conception is commonly expanding in the life cycle of human beings. I agree with self-conception in human life, alterations from the beginning of childhood to the developed country of manhood. For example, as a child, I was thinking of irritating others for enjoyment. But as I grew as a senior citizen, I began to see matters from the catastrophe point of view, so I showcased understanding towards the victim.

Self-respect determines our self-value. Self-respect is very widespread and has a consequence on our normal self-assurance. I do notice and recognize low arrogance in my standard life. The lack of self-assurance along with insecurity regularly gets to me whenever I am in a kilter of affairs where I would typically be viewed to be in a forward-facing stage of behavior. For instance, taking walks throughout the food court of a mall by myself. As I am walking through the expanse of, my behavior it changes to negativity. I am continuously wondering about what others think about my physical appearance. I internalize messages that other people express positively or negatively. Examples of symbols that people might use to my flashy hair color, a t-shirt with an image of my favorite artist, the color of my shoes, etc.

Another element of self-concept is a person’s values. The three main factors of existence are family, prosperity, and freedom. A family is an important team of people who I will usually be emotionally connected to. A family is additionally my purpose for undertaking long-term goals such as shopping for a house. Prosperity is additionally something I value because I am seeking perfection in my craft. I believe that a successful individual begins with an advantageous mindset. Freedom is additionally something that I am seeking in my lifestyle because finding freedom brings a sense of relief, inner peace, and independence which are valuable to me. According to my mom, my self-conception was very bad with other people but then as I interviewed my mom about my self-concept she told me that “your uncle helped you change your behavior and understanding others. He used to sit down with me and teach me how to talk with people, how to do certain things in public, and how to respect your elders”.

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Therefore, another factor that is tied to our self-concept is the ideal self. I believe that it is integral to align our actual self “who we are?” with our best self to sense a feeling of alleviation and intellectual well-being. Growing up, the value that my mother and father enforced upon me broadly speaking was honesty. There was once a time when I got home late from a party, and my dad and mom asked me “Why are you late?” I replied, “I didn’t certainly prefer to go away from the celebration because I was having such an extraordinary time”. My response made me feel well mentally because I didn’t misalign between my actual and ideal self. But, if I had lied and told my dad and mom “I misplaced my auto keys and I was attempting to find it” ' then I would have felt mentally distressed and would have anxiety because of the reality that I had broken my best value.

My circumspection affects the people around me. Throughout everyday life, I attempt to continue towards gratefulness of myself as well as other people. I value delicacy. I manage others, in the manner in which I would look to be managed as a human. In the event there is a period I have never been delicate to an individual while having a discussion, I express remorse and rethink my expressions in an extra accommodating way as opposed to putting on a show of being scary and cruel. I will probably be a careful individual. I will always consider finding what makes me joyful and what makes me undoubtedly fulfilled. I guess sooner than I emphatically influence somebody with my messages, I would need to accomplish such characteristics myself first, so they can perceive any reason why they should listen to me.

I agree that our self-concept impacts our communication very effectively. The ideas at the back of self-concept would be one’s race/ethnicity, bodily appearance, culture, sexual preferences, etc. I was seventeen years old when I first commenced an institute for studying in the United States. I experienced a cultural shock when I interacted with my classmates. “The research employed a semi-experimental design with a pretest and posttest control group. Of a total of 24 students, 12 (4 girls, 8 boys) were included in the experimental group, and the other 12 (6 girls, 6 boys) were included in the control group. At the end of this research, a significant difference was found in favor of the students in the experimental group in terms of physical competence, physical appearance, peer relationships, and general self-concept dimensions of the self-concept scale.” (Üstündag, Özcan 2018). The challenges that I faced have been the lifestyle and language barrier. I wasn’t acquainted with the tradition nor did I speak the English language. But on the other hand, when I was in my birthplace “Jharkhand, India”, I used to be much more comfortable communicating with my classmates due to the similarities in culture, beliefs, and language. Another instance of cultural shock I experienced was when I was invited to my American friend’s residence for Thanksgiving dinner. The conversations at the table among the other people were not relatable to me. It made me experience discomfort and confusion being placed in those surroundings due to the fact I felt like an outsider being in an out-group. So, therefore, being conscious of our self-concept helps us relate to and be a section of in-groups where we belong to.


    1. Üstündag, S., & Özcan, G. (2018). Effect of Educational Games on Self-Concept Levels of Inclusive Students Studying in Secondary Schools. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 6(10), 183-192.


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