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Having a career in nursing has always been a dream of mine. I’ve had my fair share of times spent in and out of hospitals, practically growing up in them. I have watched the work that they do and how they help their patients. To be a nurse would be a dream, honor, and privilege. I was diagnosed when I was two years old with a kidney disease called Nephrotic Syndrome with FSGS, which stands for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and...
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Words are generally powerful. They are the basic strengths for creation and destruction. Words can set the tone of your dream and otherwise, as it depends on its usage. What are your dreams? What do you think is most important? If you could make or try something, what would it be? Is it freedom? Luck? Is business creating wealth? Are you interested in intimacy, strong friendships, true love? Do you want to solve the problem? Or you stop voting for...
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Executive Summary The report analyzed one of the consumer trends - ‘I want it now’, discussing about the trend emergence in Australian market and the impact on consumer behaviour. Then, aiming at satisfying Australians’ hedonic needs and diminishing consumption resistance, an app - EfficAgency was developed to deliver fast party arrangement for those who were busy at work while they demanded full-service parties with no need to spend time on negotiating with agencies. Finally, brand archetype, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs...
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People are often asked the question, what do you want? A simple question, really, yet a question people have found consistently hard to answer. The human race is a melting pot of different beliefs, circumstances, opinions, religions, and ideologies yet at our core most of us really want the same thing. You might think I am talking about money, a stable job, prosperity, or success but I am not. I am talking about Happiness. When we look into our futures...
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The design has a profound impact on our daily lives posing both positive and negative implications, however, this influence is hardly realized and recognized by society. As design has progressed, it has held an immense power over one's state of mind and indications of social hierarchy in society. How does design influence the way individuals perceive themselves and others as well as our social and personal perceptions? Moreover, why has consuming come to occupy such a central place in our...
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