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The Art Of Getting What You Want

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Words are generally powerful. They are the basic strengths for creation and destruction. Words can set the tone of your dream and otherwise, as it depends on its usage. What are your dreams? What do you think is most important? If you could make or try something, what would it be? Is it freedom? Luck? Is business creating wealth? Are you interested in intimacy, strong friendships, true love? Do you want to solve the problem? Or you stop voting for a bit?

What do you want? Are you inspired to be healthy and fit? How will you be wise, my love? Are you interested in community development? Market? Search? Make a difference? What if you knew you now have the strength to bow to the spirit of your deepest and deepest desires? By choosing the right words, you can achieve what you want!

Do you know that most of the famous people in history chose their words? They were content with the intention of seeking a vision. Words are important because they are full of meaning. Words can turn challenges into opportunities. To collect information and define meaning, opening up networks that allow you to identify and understand the world map.

Many of us dream of convincing and interacting with our colleagues to help us, members of our team, support us and our partners, listen to us. If you know the right words, you can get almost anything you want.

Powerful words are the secret weapon of faith. Here are seven of them – explore them, use them, practice them and see what happens.

1. You

They show compassion and empathy, which is the center of persuasive language. The only way to increase strength is to use someone’s name. ‘You know it’s true [Michael]’ Once you try that, your pitch makes a lot of sense.

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2. Imagine

The word suggests to expand the idea of ​​the possible. Imagine you win a lottery. Imagine you have the financing you are looking for. Imagine living in your ideal home. It’s a word that opens up possibilities – a word that says it ignores all concerns. He ignores critical thinking and goes straight to what feels right.

3. Do (Act)

Nothing is more effective than action. When people work to make something happen, they get closer to what they want, regardless of the outcome.

4. Because

For logical thinkers it is tempting to combine cause and effect. But because it also works in a few hours. If someone wants to jump a queue, the likely answer is no. But when the person adds ‘… because my baby is waiting outside of me,’ people are more likely to say yes. When referring to a case, people can go logical and emotional.

5. Now

Immediateness is what everyone wants – get what you want now. Spend the change now. You can start now. Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now is the time to start.

6. Believe

It’s not about logic in the situation, let alone reality, but about what we can achieve. Faith is the first step in achieving anything, an element that allows us to cross boundaries. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. It gives confidence with ease.

7. Guaranteed

When you describe something under warranty, people immediately feel calm. There is a guarantee that a risky decision will ensure that the investment is safe – or in the worst case, dissatisfaction could arise. It is a word that gives you security and what you need when you need it. I guarantee it.

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