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The Future We Want

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People are often asked the question, what do you want? A simple question, really, yet a question people have found consistently hard to answer. The human race is a melting pot of different beliefs, circumstances, opinions, religions, and ideologies yet at our core most of us really want the same thing. You might think I am talking about money, a stable job, prosperity, or success but I am not. I am talking about Happiness. When we look into our futures we all see different things, some may see a life as a Lawyer, a CEO, life as a mother or a life travelling but at the core of all of our hopes and dreams is the ideal of being happy, contented with your life and living with no regrets. If we want this personally why don’t we want this as a society? Why when we gaze longingly into the future, do we only see personal success and happiness and not happiness as a collective. I know that everyone has and should continue to have personal ambition, a goal in life but I also think people should have ambition for society and the progression of it

Our race has improved by leaps and bounds since the beginning of time. We have made many terrible and unforgivable mistakes yet tried to move on from them and create a Stabler, kinder and happier society for everyone but we still have so far to go. An estimated 320,000 people are homeless in our country, our GDP was 2.855 trillion USD in 2018 yet we still have people living on the streets. Approximately fourteen million people live in poverty in the UK, that is more than one in five of our population, this includes four million children. It is completely unfair and a political abomination that the circumstances in a which a child was born should affect their futures and ability to break out of the cycle of poverty. We as a society need to do something to help these helpless children and vulnerable adults. The future we want is a future in which everybody has equal opportunities to thrive and prosper in life no matter if they were born to a billionaire or parents living on the poverty line. We should also aim to help the homeless, the vulnerable and needy members of our population who would do anything for a second chance at life and fully deserve this chance. Absolutely nobody should be discriminated against for there past and we should embrace and protect those most in need of our help and compassion. The future we want is a future not just of success and prosperity but of empathy and charity

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I hail from a town called Middlesbrough in the North-East of England. We are a beautiful town full of colour and character but have an extremely high rate of poverty. It is incredibly sad that when you walk into Middlesbrough town centre the first thing you see is the floods of homeless people begging for help, empathy, and compassion. It is even sadder when you see the children of parents living in poverty struggle and suffer in school not just with work but the evil bullying that comes with not being able to afford the new trendy Nike air force ones. The future we want is a future in which children are taught empathy and compassion from an early age. They are taught to recognise the signs of suffering and taught not to judge a person on their materialistic possessions but on the continent of their character. Ideally, we want poverty to be completely eradicated but I believe that it should be any Governments goal to significantly reduce the rates of poverty and invest in the futures of the poorest in society

The future we want is a future of economic success, stability, and prosperity. The future we want is a future in which no person feels alone and afraid, where everybody feels appreciated and worthy of love and joy. The future we want is a future in which we appreciate the oldest and youngest, the poorest and richest and the happiest and saddest member of society. The future we want is a future in which when we are asked, what do you want? We say nothing, we are happy and content with life as it is

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