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Relevance of Agricultural Meteorology to Plant Scientist: Analysis of Weather Forecasts

Agriculture is one field of the human activity which is extremely sensitive to weather and climate. The study of these two aspects in relation to agriculture is referred as agricultural meteorology and is a multidisciplinary science. Agricultural meteorology when properly applied by plant scientists can achieve the sustainability of agricultural production system through efficient management of agro-climatic resources and crop microclimate modification. Each and every plant developmental phase is decided by meteorological parameters. Every genotype has its own optimum climatic...
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Modern Engineering Challenge In Predicting The Weather

Introduction “Weather” is defined as the the condition of the atmosphere at a specific space and time as regards heat, dryness, wind, rain, etc. over a short time frame, whereas “climate” refers to the weather data of a place over a longer period to yield meaningful averages.”Global Change” means alterations in the Earth. A Brief History Man has always aspired to predict about the weather conditions. In the past, astrologers studied stars and dreams to predict weather and much more....
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Does The Weather Condition Have Any Effect On People's Mood?

Weather is a short-term climate change. While it is sunny today, it can be rainy, even stormy the next day. There are a lot of weather conditions in the world and these conditions are considered to have some effects on people’s mood. (Widmer, Bill, “Lifehack”) Unlike some people who are the opposite of this idea, I agree with it. The weather has a lot of effects on people’s mood. There is some relationship between life satisfaction and weather conditions, for...
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Comparative Study on Soft Computing Approach in Weather Forecasting: Analytical Essay

Abstract– In a developing country, like India where the agriculture & industries are base for the national economy, the weather conditions play leading role for their proper development and smooth running. Therefore having accurate weather forecasting information may allow farmers or industry managers to make better decisions on managing their farms. Soft computing using ANN is an innovative approach to construct a computationally intelligent system that is able to process nonlinear weather conditions within a specific domain, and make prediction....
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Weather Caused Accidents

Introduction Aviation has a high level of safety for commercial operations and is considered as one of the safest modes of transport today. Although the aviation industry is considered a safe mode of transport there are accidents that occur due to many different factors. This includes factors such as air traffic control, maintenance and human factors. Another factor that that contributes is the weather, with many different weather phenomenon, weather is a dangerous factor that results in some fatal crashes...
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Weather Forecasting Using Machine Learning

Introduction One of the most important thing for humankind it to plan their day, to plan their day human need to know about the weather forecasting so they can plan their day or even their month accordingly, as said wiki: “Weather forecasting is the application of science and technology to predict the conditions of the atmosphere for a given place and time’. from a long way back weather forecasting always play a big role in humanity. Before to predict the...
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The Importance Of Decision Making In Weather

In a Pilots career, they will encounter many different circumstances that require quick thinking and proper judgement, this is regarded as Decision Making. Circumstances such as poor weather require pilots to react and make a decision based on the environment around them. Pilots are required to provide adequate judgement calls for the safety of themselves and crew onboard. There is no secret that experience plays a significant role in decision making, decision making can be broken down into different categories...
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Is Your Mood Affected By Weather?

Introduction Weather is an uncontrollable atmospheric action and often inconsistent. Can the same be said about our moods? Some people’s moods are like the weather, hot, cold and very inconsistent. Studies have been done to see if one is dependent of the other. Weather has for some time been believed to impact a person’s mood but it is very difficult to capture in a study. This could be due to how people describe their mood on self-reporting surveys or weather...
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