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Introduction to Google as one of the most important technological innovations in 20 years.

Google’s Search Engine is one of the most important technological innovations in the last 20 years. Google has played a very vital role in helping millions of people and businesses all over the world. In the early year 1990s Google Search Engine launched, but in 2004, it was finally introduced to the public contributing to its prestigious and established growth. Google transformed and changed the way people search or look for information on the internet. Every second, minute, and hour there are more than 228 million Google searches. In the Alphabet Inc. Google is part of it today, a company that gives and creates dozens of services like Gmail, Chrome web Browser, Docs, Translation, and many more, Alexander (2020).

Why is Google the most important technological innovation?

There are so many important things about Google's technological innovation, Google has been a source of help to everyone around the world, be it for personal or business use, I will boldly say that Google is the most important innovation. These are my reasons for believing Google to be an important innovation.

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    1. Google has tried to pay attention to its consumers or users. Google has made it their priority to provide and give the best user experience in the best way possible. Even if Google is creating or developing a new internet browser or a new product to the look of the homepage, Google has made sure to take great care to see that they will in their best capability to serve you, rather than their own goal. And when Google develops new devices or equipment and programs or software. Google believes they need to ponder how it will have been created or invented in another way, Retrieved from:
    2. Google believes it's one thing to create the best and do something well. Google’s effort and commitment to upgrading and building on search has helped them put what they have learned into new devices or products like Google Maps and Gmail. Google desires and wishes to bring the power of search to formerly unnoticed places, and to help people acquire and use even more of the non-stop spreading details or information in their lives.
    3. Google has made it its top priority to keep speed in mind with each new device or product it launches, be it a mobile program or Google Chrome, a browser created to the fast enough for the Modern web. And they have successfully continued to perform on making it work even faster Retrieved from:


Innovation is the fundamental reason for present-day living. Although innovation can have some unwanted problems, change is unavoidable, innovation design or produce good change. From the people or public view, the main outcomes of technological innovation are economic progress, improving well-being and transmission, academic availability, and environmental balance. The fundamental purpose of Google technology is to upgrade individuals' or consumers' lives. When it comes to controlling business, innovation is the answer to any kind of success, Julia (2019).

How has Google technology innovation been able to supply to consumers?

    1. Google has applied technology innovation by making it their mission to organize the world’s information and make it widely reachable and useful. For example, Gmail was designed to understand the needs of consumers for more web email usability, large search, and more storage or capacity.
    2. Google technology innovation has been administered to consumers with a very innovative technology called Algorithm Google’s Search Engine that is used by consumers to search for questions connecting to self-murder or suicide.

How has the law of demand affected Google's technology innovation?

The power of search engines is exceedingly great because this program has the details, statistics, and data that are showcased to customers, buyers, or consumers. Anyone supervising or controlling and leading a search engine has huge control and impact on everyone. In today’s life, Google controls and oversees the search engine than anyone. Truly, the Google Search Engine has a greater impact on the information, data, statistics, or message that is being showcased to the consumers, users, or purchasers, than what about a Web Browser that influences, subjugates, and controls the trade? This is one intellect or logic why the Google Search Engine is affected by the law of demand in technology innovation because Google has been censured, pilloried, found fault with, and has to experience critical or drastic allegations, indictment, or impeachment about infringements, invasion, and neglect of antitrust licensed or lawful procedure, and so many other complaints from their users and competitors in the business global world today.

Is there any equilibrium in supply and demand for Google search engine technology innovation

Yes, there is an equilibrium for supply and demand on Google search engine technology innovation. WHY? Not long ago, Google declared an alternative to its AD Algorithm. This shows or means that the rotate or alternate is at the highest AD location and will be steadfast by the biggest offer rather than the highest real value or price per register. If you are to look further, this is a very clever and intelligent step from Google’s future income and the influence this new alternate will have on commerce tenders or offers actions. Google has made a move and taken the opportunity of this response by checking the supply, while they have ideas of ways to influence the demand curve moves to the right on a predetermined supply curve, prices normally go up for the purchaser or buyer while income upsurge or increases for the suppliers, James (2007).


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