Comparative Analysis of Google and Bing

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Google, in 1996, started of as a thesis project at Stanford University by three PhD students Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Scott Hassan (who did most of the programming but left the project before it was founded as a company). Their aim was to improve the horrible Internet search conditions back then.

Back in the day, a relevant result to a search would be found under several pages. It was difficult to decide which links were more relevelent than others. The goal of this was not to search what information was inside a link but to search which links other people found valuable.

Both Larry and Sergey came from educational family backgrounds hence were very familiar with how citations of scientific literature work. Footnotes pointing to a certain paper relate to its popularity. The more a certain paper or thesis is footnoted in other papers the more relevant or popular it is. This inspired them to create a similar structure where the more a page is linked the more relevant it was considered to be. As said by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google (2001- 20011), in an interview with Discovery UK that, “The idea was to build a system that you could reliably count how popular something was”.

The idea to make money through this business model was by providing links to relevant ads for specific search terms. They would have an unlimited ad inventory and if a word or term was searched, ads relevant and related to the search term would show up. Which is still the basic concept used by Google as an income source, through ad revenues.

One could say is not the internet but Google who gathered all the world's information and gave it to us.

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Bing, launched in 1998 as MSN Search which only had three tabs search, index and web crawler, which was replaced by Windows Live Search in 2006 which was more interactive with Web, News, Images, Music, Desktop, Local and Microsoft Encarta, which was transformed into Live Search which now had an ad platform, which was replaced by Bing in 2009.

Even though it may seem that Bing might not be popular among internet users. 33.33% of the US, 26% of the UK and 17% of Canada’s of internet searches are done on Bing. Similar to Google, Bing’s main source of income is through ad revenue.

Windows OS is run on 82% of the worlds computers, this gives Microsoft an incredibly powerful tool to use and rely on. Even the smallest adjustment to Windows has a huge effect among hundreds of millions of people. Even Though Microsoft allows its users to change its default settings most of the users don't actually change theirs. This makes defaults an incredibly important tool for companies as such. Internet Explorer may not be universally liked, but it came with Windows, so the opinions don't actually matter to Microsoft. This is why they are going to do anything to make Edge to get more users.

Hence as Edge is the default browser of Microsoft and Bing is the default search engine of Edge. Users willingly or unwillingly use Bing, let it be for downloading another browser or searching for another search engine or sending feedback to a bug report.

The success of Bing is not really about Bing, it's about the power of control. The distinction between a $5 billion company and a failed business is the ability to decide what consumers see. The wider objective of microsoft is to shift up the pyramid of power. The strategy of entire companies, entire industries,The lower something is on the pyramid of power, the more companies it relies on, and the greater its risk of being shut down. It's the same reason that for so long Windows Phone had refused to quit.

Hence we can say both companies, Google and Microsoft having search engines Google and bing respectively but they serve similar and different purposes to the companies on the one hand, both Google and Bing’s purpose is to give out the most relevant page to the relevant search term and both the companies and both companies rely on ad revenue through search terms, but on the other hand as Google’s search engines only purpose is to give relevant results to a search term and provide an ad revenue income but where as Bing’s only purpose even though universally not liked very much is to not only act as a search engine but to help Microsoft step up the hierarchy of control.

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