Is Google an Ethical Company: Persuasive Essay

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Organizational Ethical Analysis – Google Maps

Organizational Ethics Definition, Purpose, and Objectives:

An organization is defined as an association or a group of multiple people forming an institution with a particular purpose.

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Organizational Ethics Analysis is defined as the principles and standards that are operated by a business and demonstrated by acts of honesty, integrity, honor, and responsibility.

The main aim of the Organizational Ethics program is to help product or business owners, managers, employees, and agents of the organization to work together for the success of the business or organizational goals and objectives.

Organizations can be a variety of legal types of organizations like government, non-governmental organizations, political or non-political, charities, profit to not–for–organizations, IT-based organizations, co-operatives, and educational institutions, etc.,

While there exists legal Organizations, there also exist organizations that operate illegal means or secretly depending on the crime reports and secret societies.

In order to build an organization that can be official and legal, the Following are the objectives that should be considered:

    • The goal of the organization from people associated with it.
    • A leader who can make the decisions.
    • Specific actions that can be carried out to reach the goals.
    • Active Communication with everyone associated.

Organizations can be recognized by the government with incorporation business.

The priorities and Purpose of the Organization Should have

    • Mission – Everyone associated with the organization should thrive hard towards the common purpose of the organization with strategic planning.
    • Vision – The vision of the organization should aim for success and how it looks in the future to everyone involved in the organization with strategic planning.
    • Values – The organization's values should be the overall priorities of how to work together for the successful goal of the organization.
    • And Overall, An organization will have a small organization within the organization with various teams, groups, businesses, and different departments and all of them works together in an organization with different factors, culture, nature of the leadership, and types of needs but towards the same goal.

Organizational Ethical Analysis on Google:

Google is an American Multinational Company that is specialized in and provides internet-related services and products like online technologies, search engines, hardware and software including cloud computing, etc.,

It is one of the big four technology companies Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1988 who are students at Stanford University, CA, and together share 14 percent of the share and control 56 percent of the stockholders. Currently, Sundar Pichai replaced Larry Page as CEO.

Google Services are offered by Google directed towards Google Masters and businesses and provide Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sites, Google Groups, and Google Business Solutions.

Great Companies are made by Great Leaders which is why it is very difficult to find the right resource who is very critical and has the ability to develop great work.

When approached Google team members about Google leadership evaluation,

The team members answered the following:

    • Their Manager gives actionable feedback to improve their performance.
    • One of the team members mentioned that their manager doesn’t micromanage and shows consideration for them as a person.
    • They also mentioned that one of their manager's values he/she perspectives on the team is irrespective of their own.
    • They also mentioned that one of their managers discusses their career development, communicates the goals with the team, and has strong technical expertise in coding, accounting, etc.,
    • Good leaders set good standards and guidelines and give the employees the right and independence to work their best within the given guidelines.
    • Good leaders let their employees turn 'have to' into 'want to,' as it leads the job that makes s more meaningful like understanding their unique skills, talents, and experiences.

In past decades, Business ethics has been followed by both the media and the public because of wide corporate unethical acts or behavior from a few organizations like Enron, WorldCom, and others. The senior management team of those organizations seems to have overtaken the advantage of their corporate position to benefit from prominent finance for the company and for their personal benefits. Their unethical behavior is not just caused high damage to their career but to the organization and their employees, business partners, and the society. Later this influenced a significant focus overall corporate world in U.S and Congress in the early century to establish Standard guidelines such as ‘Sarbanes-Oxley’ and to execute the ethical standards with an intent to not lose the stakeholder interest. Although with adequate unethical behavior that eventually emerged everywhere, it would be easy to understand and identify we are still lacking that support and awareness in the corporate world and also by culture and so much to accomplish.

Google has got the liberty to establish the ‘Google Code of Conduct’ which is open to the public for facing the document which describes the set of anticipated behaviors from the employees in an organization, their board members, and business partners to get the awareness, to refer and follow. Google’s code of conduct refers to “Don’t be evil” and they refer to those simple phrases as a basis to establish through their organization the mission, the core belief that explains their ethics, social standards, and sustainable environment. “Googlers usually refers to those words on how to serve their users and “Don’t be evil” refers to serving their user’s impartial access to information sources and to focus their needs and provide them the best outsource products and offering the services that they can. It also refers to following the law, acting with honor, and treating each everyone with respect.”

Google’s code of conduct also states that it requires governance of corporate and standard laws which is operated by Google and how it sticks to government regulations and their financial controls. Google serves a structure that is designed for everyone’s benefit that concerns ‘employees' and Board members

Google has definite anticipations to make sure that all stakeholders stick to their defined and approved ethical standards and laws. “We expect all of our employees and Board members to know and follow the Code. Failure to perform and misconducting the laws and regulations can lead to disciplinary action, which can include termination of employment.”

Google has provisions for every individual in the organization who conducts unethical and illegal acts with regard to Google. Although the Code is written only referring to Google employees and Board members, they also expect and pertain to the Google contractors, consultants, and resources who are temporarily assigned to do certain tasks, work, or services. Should follow Code in connection with their work for us. Upon the Failure of Google contractors and consultants with following the Code will result in the termination of their business relationship with Google.”

Google always intends first to have good judgment and use common sense. Google has provided the documentation, processes, and resources within the organization over ethical and compliance guidelines for the business stakeholders to reach with their concerns and or any help. Google’s ethical conduct follows McGraw's article which states the integrity, protection of Google assets, confidentiality, and reporting the unethical behavior.

Google commits to old cultural values that are identified by Fr. Byron over the organization.

They are integrity, veracity, fairness, human dignity, Workplace participation, Commitment, social responsibility, common good, subsidiary, and love.

Google also strives hard to provide products that are eco-friendly to their customers. Google supports creating their building greener for their employees. They also mentioned that their buildings are healthily constructed with a proper environment for their customers.

Upon my research and assessment, I understand and believe that Google has an ethical approach and thriving towards the company. Also, it is successful as they have created and built a brand of big strength with great and high efficiency. It has a lot of data that continuously streams numerous and infinite data, a search of queries with their own choices in seconds for the results in free.

Their success is definitely historic and to maintain their position they need to contend with lesser capital efficiency. Google’s biggest problem with advertising. Google is very much effective in promoting with the respect to good ethical behavior within the organization.

I believe that Google is no different than any organization who are trying to thrive the balance between the corporate world and the responsibilities of the business in society while developing an environment that can attract and sustain ethical leadership throughout the organization.

I also suggest that Google can be more sensitive toward the cultural, legal, and ethical standards that exist in the world. People believe that Google is arrogant when it comes to respecting the variety of unique global standards. Especially, when Google addressing to encourage communist countries to use Google products and services as a source of freedom speak. Google Can improve reinforcement which is based on the reading of the code of conduct which states that recommend everyone to adhere it. Google should establish a practice in the business to avoid muscling and take advantage of small business competition. They should also focus on improving the competitive tactics globally to play fairly.


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