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Internal and External Communication Google's Strategies

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Table of contents

  1. Identity and Reputation
  2. Internal Communication Strategy
  3. External Communication Strategy
  4. Recommedation

Google needs no introduction, nowadays, billions of people are using internet and searching information and share thoughts via one of the leading search engines, Google across the world.

Google is an American multinational technology company founded in 1998. Google started as small search engine, developed rapidly correlating with the fast development of internet. Today, Google is not only a search engine, Google has wide array of products such as Google Glass, Google fiber internet, Gmail, social networking and even operating software services and lots of services.

Identity and Reputation

Google is a leading technology organization, google kept its brand image by using complicated search algorithm, giving the accurate search results, connecting queries and provide excellent services, all of that at zero cost. Not to mention, providing competitive products and recruiting best talents and following ethical business guidelines has boosted its credibility.

To add more, Google promotes itself as a desired employer, It’s also well known how Google takes care of its employee by providing excellent workspace and tremendous benefits like free food, health and dental care, free haircuts, dry cleaning, subsidized massages, gyms, and even nap pods.

It also builds trust with its stakeholders, keep them informed and involved. Nevertheless, philanthropic activities, charity programs, promoting innovation by grans and funds has increased its popularity.

Internal Communication Strategy

For internal communication Google made an excellent example of best practices for more productive workplace to meet the core values of its vision.

Internal communication is all about sharing information between individuals inside of an organization. But for google it goes beyond the emails and newsletters, ect. Google approach is toto provide the environment for understating between management and the staff that enables engagement and collaboration, and therefore is consistently ranked as a top place to work each year.

To start with, people analytics, by actively listing to team members plus dedicating research teams for gathering data, they eventually used this date to draw proper incentive to each employee and optimize both happiness and performance.

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For example, Google research team found that there is enough space to facilitate meeting peers in the office and then they recommended lunch tables for employees to meet their peers during mealtime. Not only that, it looks after the physical health and life quality, since googles were gaining weight after long hours of working food choices by color code, green being most healthy while red is the opposite, plus making salad and healthy choice more easily to reach than the unhealthy ones.

When comes to creativity, Google created physical spaces to enable creativity and encourage innovation like Nap pods and using diner booths for brainstorming.

Another interesting approach was implanted by Google, what came just after the results of research project called ‘Aristotle Project’ to analysis what Google top performers have in common. It was building psychological safe workplace, which make it easier to inspire and deliver a consistent message through internal communication.

External Communication Strategy

Google has To enhance its image as technology leader like televisions, websites and social media, not to forget the recruiting campaigns, universities career centers and career fairs along with universities activity sponsoring.

Google is a multinational organization that deal with Stakeholders across the world, who can affect the Google’s policies and influence its strategies. Stakeholders can be investors, employee, governments, directors, eg.

Google identify and prioritize stakeholders, address the interests of its stakeholders through appropriate corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies based on international standards and expectations. It is important to serve every stakeholder as this determine the popularity of the organization and define its business value.

For example, Google provide spectacular care for its employee which are which are the major stakeholder, salaries, long term job developments, different perks, ideal workplace, rewards and compensating, safety measures and health insurance.

Moreover, investors are to be serve at their best interest by Google, they are assured that the profit of the company is growing, provide shared price growth as well. Plus that, investor get to have financial asses whenever needed.

Major consumers are also one of the major stakeholders, where large portion of Google’s revenue depend on them. So, it provides reliable products/serves quality with availability of 24 hours customer services. For example, online advertisement, google tries ensure satisfaction by maximizing effectiveness, increasing online campaigns reach and promote the products by different strategies.


  1. I recommend evaluating the external communication through communications audit including randomly selected groups and apply questionnaires to internet users.
  2. Also, media monitoring, the tone of voice (positive, negative or neutral) will be crucial and it will enhance the company popularity.
  3. Several issues related to privacy violation has pop up recently, and has raised a serious concern by storing users personal information and use access to connect the interest, needs and intents to relate to their search queries and create a database for their use later or to do its own research. This has shaken Google’s image, since because user assume secrecy. I recommend reviewing the privacy policy of the company.
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