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Critical Analysis of Sony Subsidiaries and International Exposure

Introduction Sony is a world-renowned large-scale comprehensive multinational conglomerate. Headquartered in 1-7-1, Gangnam, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Sony is a world leader in audiovisual, video games, communications products, and information technology. It is the world’s first pioneer of portable digital products. It is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers and one of the world’s three major players in the video game industry. One of the six major movie companies in Hollywood, USA. Its brands include Xperia, Walkman, Sony Music, Columbia...
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The Importance of Ethical Corporate Culture in Management

A macroeconomic factor that could contribute to Japan’s uncertainty avoidance stems from the fact that Japan is constantly at risk by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or typhoons. As a result, the Japanese have learned to prepare for this uncertainty. Natural disasters have an adverse affect on Japan’s economy. In the 1980s, “Japan was the world’s second largest economy” (Dutta & Lawson, 2018) and has been growing since World War II. However, challenges continued as the value of the...
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Reasons Why Sony Betamax Fails in the Market and How to Avoid it

The company named Sony is successfully running in the market but there is the product which is failed when they open the company or newly start. The product was video cassette recording which is also called vcr. The name given to the product was Betamax and in the market it was called sony Betamax. This product has several features but there are many demerits of that product due to which the product was failed in the market. The company sony...
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Competition of Emerging Technologies: Case Study of Sony

Abstract Historically Sony has been a trailblazer when it comes to technological innovation. From their humble beginnings to the giant they are now, this growth has been the direct result of their willingness to embrace the opinions and feedback of their customers. This willingness to listen has led Sony to be able to innovate and stay ahead of the fierce competition they face from multiple competitors in the film, music, and gaming industries just to name a few. Introduction Technology...
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Innovation Dynamics in Sony: Analytical Essay

Introduction Innovation is considered as the most primarily bandied about terms in the modern era of global business. The newly devised products and services of an innovative organization offer various numbers of innovative and creative features, traits, and consumer touchpoints in amalgamation. The purpose of the assignment is to explain the innovation strategies and innovation dynamics with reference to the organization “Sony”. Every individual industry progresses via stages of steadiness and calmness when innovation is regarding what can be improved...
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The Death and Revival of Sony’s Artificial Intelligence Robot (AIBO): Discursive Essay

Introduction The king has fallen from his crown. The sentence cannot be more perfect to describe the failure of the once-upon-a-time master of consumer electronics industry: Sony. From early 1980s until 1990s Sony was known for its cutting-edge technology, sophistication, and desirability. With infamous Walkman and Trinitron, Sony was considered as Apple of its era. Now everything has changed. Sony may continue to produce high-quality products, but people do not get excited from them anymore. As people moved to competitor...
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Strategic Approach on Sony Corporation Global Strategy and Structure: Analytical Essay

This report provides a strategic approach on Sony Corporation global strategy and structure and how Sony manage its global operation, innovation and risks. This report begins by analyzing the brief overview of Sony, its business segments and geographical coverage. Furthermore, this report will examine mission and vision of Sony and shows how innovation is deeply rooted in the company mission and vision. This report then follows the global strategy and structure adopted by Sony which is a transnational strategy and...
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Careful Study of Sony Corporation

Sony corporation was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Its first invention was rice cooker which had failed and led to G-TYPE recorder in 1950, it also introduced pocket transistor radio in 1957. A cathode-ray tube was launched on October 15, 1967 which helped them in video innovation. Its headquarters are located in Japan where large parts of production, distribution and manufacture takes place. Sony Music Entertainment was created by forming a joint venture between Sony corporation...
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