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Reasons Why Sony Betamax Fails in the Market and How to Avoid it

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The company named Sony is successfully running in the market but there is the product which is failed when they open the company or newly start. The product was video cassette recording which is also called vcr. The name given to the product was Betamax and in the market it was called sony Betamax. This product has several features but there are many demerits of that product due to which the product was failed in the market. The company sony launched the product Betamax in to the market in the year 1975 with the mission to earn profit and to compete in the market.

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The reasons why the sony Betamax fails in the market:

  1. Time. In the sony Betamax you can only record the video up to only one hour whereas in the vhs you can record up to six hours of the video whereas the minimum length of the video is two hours. For example if a person has to make a video on any topic then a person has to take the video recorder whose length will be more than hour because the normal length of any movie is two hours. So the vhs is more useful for it.
  2. Market strategy. The strategy of the sony Betamax was also weak. Due to weak marketing strategy the company face the problem of the failed project. In this point the company sony do not analyze the market like they have to take feedback from the customers like what are things you like in the product as well as you like the recording time or not?
  3. Satisfaction. Sony Betamax did not satisfy the customer. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in every field. If the customer is not happy then the product should be failed in the market. In this the services provided by the sony are less as compared to the jvc. Services like recording time, picture quality and many more.

So these are the factors which lead to the failure of the sony Betamax. No doubt there will be some suggestions to avoid the failure of the product. Some of them are:

  1. Advertisement. It is the very important factor which lead to the successful of the any product whether is of any brand. Without advertisement no product is survive in the market. Sony has to go door to door and give specifications of the product.
  2. Environment. The company has to change with the environment. For example when the jvc launched his product then sony also has to modify his Betamax like they have to upgrade the product. By analyze the market the company has to give the tough competition to the jvc.
  3. Strategies. The sony company has to make strategies if any product launched in the market then the company will have no effect on the product. Like the company has to full resources in the market that any company launched the product then his company will be no side effects. So in this way the company project will never fails.


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