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Lego Business Identity Analysis

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Lego is world’s famous and largest company of plastic toys manufacturing. Lego was using petroleum manufactured ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) to make its toys’ bricks, which is not environment friendly. Lego is proactively decreasing their carbon footprints and they also announced and took initiative in 2015 that by 2030 Lego’s products will be entirely sustainable.

LEGO company efforts towards their sustainability is significantly appraisable. Lego partnership with World Wildlife (WWF) promotes globalization which helped them to reduce their carbon dioxide emission in toys production and supply chain operations. LEGO company planned that by 2025 they will make their packaging 100% sustainable. LEGO also introduced treehouse kit in 2019, that was made from sustainable source sugar cane produce polyethylene. LEGO group present the following solutions to reach its 2030 goals:

  1. Replace packaging with biopolymers.;
  2. Adopt a biological mindset to identify ABS replacements and LEGO brick manufacturing;
  3. Brew the plastic onsite (reduce its carbon footprint);
  4. Grow the bricks (biologically).

LEGO tried to recapture the narrative and re-affirm its long-held positive notoriety by embraced an aspiring set-up of maintainable objectives for itself and also build strategic partnership with World Wildlife fund (WWF).The focal point of this initiative is LEGO's Maintainable Materials Centre, which is expected to enrol in excess of 100 representatives with an end goal to discover and execute reasonable options in contrast to existing materials by 2030.

According to CEO and President of the LEGO Group. This is a significant advance for the LEGO Group on their way towards accomplishing their 2030 desire on maintainable materials. They have found the ways to lessen their carbon footprints and leave a positive effect on the earth by decreasing the packaging size, by presenting FSC certified packaging and through their interest in an offshore wind farm. They are quickening their attention on materials.

According to Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, owner of the Lego Group. Their central goal is to move and build up the manufacturers of tomorrow. They accept that their primary commitment to this is through the inventive play encounters they give to youngsters. The speculation reported is a demonstration of their proceeded with an aspiration to leave a positive effect on the planet, which people in the future will acquire. It is absolutely in accordance with the strategic the LEGO Group and in accordance with the saying of his granddad and author of the LEGO Gathering, Ole Kirk Kristiansen: “Simply the best is adequate”.

LEGO launched build the change, to achieve their future goal. It was a global initiative and it was motivational for company that they received hundreds of letters from children in those letters children expressed their ideas about environment and animal welfare. By working on all these initiatives LEGO will achieve its long-held positive reputation of sustainability with the help of World wildlife Fund for nature, organizations like bioplastic feedstock alliance and many other materials scientists.

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LEGO has been utilizing acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS to make its blocks. ABS is strong, lustrous, and can join dynamic shading colours. ABS is manufactured from petroleum that is the main problem. To achieve their planned sustainability LEGO face difficulties in 'Greening' LEGO bricks is a challenge.

According to Molly Morse, “The advanced, precision engineering required to manufacture the iconic LEGO is not easily amenable to a new polymer”. The primary specialized test is creating materials that have the equivalent physical properties, for example, solidness, rubbing, and sparkle, said Matt Whitby.

Ecological Commitment manager of LEGO Group state that, “What's more, maybe in particular, the blocks need 'grasp power', the adaptability that empowers blocks to be assembled and dismantled by a kid”. Any LEGO block of things to come must meet these high specialized prerequisites, keep on driving in safety standards, and be delivered from manageable sources.

By exploring plant-based plastics, Lego had would have liked to join the preferences Vegware, with its compostable options in contrast to plastic cutlery and food compartments. In any case, the mission to supplant non-renewable energy source based plastics with plant-based options that have a less hurtful effect on nature is an extreme one, particularly as Lego would like to discover a plant-based elective that won't corrupt after some time however will keep going for some ages of play.

The organization endeavoured to make blocks from corn-inferred plastic, yet these were dreadfully delicate to work with, and collected sets risked twisting and hanging after some time. Wheat-based plastics experienced issues uniformly circulating colour shades through the material which gave a lopsided shading, and they were additionally considered to be too dull contrasted with the brilliant, polished appearance of an ordinary block.

The LEGO Group accepts another sustainable material must have an ever-lighter impression than the material it replaces across key natural and social effect regions, for example, fossil asset use, human rights, and environmental change. For the LEGO Group, a sustainable material must be created capably utilizing inexhaustible or reused assets, producing almost no loss in their creation, and utilizing sustainable science while satisfying their high guidelines for wellbeing, quality, and strength. In any case, they are working with providers, inquire about foundations and different businesses to build up these new materials for LEGO blocks of things to come.

LEGO faced many challenges to achieve their sustainability goal including all above and they beautifully overcome all hurdles till now.

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