Marriage Life And Issues

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Corinth was a cosmopolitan city. There were all kinds of people lived in the city with their own religious believe which was mixed of Greek, Roman and Oriented. Corinth was known as ‘sin city, which is ‘’Las Vegas” of Roman Empire. Corinth was the home of the temple of goddess of sensual love and pleasure known as Aphrodite or Artemus. It is said that one thousand temple prostitute served at the temple. Roman used the word “Corinthian’’ for someone do immorality act and were immoral.


Paul began his ministry in Corinth on his second missionary journey under much opposition (Acts 18:6-17). While Paul living in Corinth, he worked among Jews and Greeks that represented in the Corinthian church. After his second trip to Corinth he went to Ephesus and while he was in Ephesus he heard of the problems and divisions in the church in Corinth so he wrote this letter to the Corinth in the year 53 A.D. His purposes for writing this letter is to instruct and guide the people on how to deal with the issues that are faced. Thus, below the discussion will be based on the first Corinthians chapter 5-7:1-40 which identified various problems with marriage including challenges that Paul encountered in order to address those marital issues. The issues that are identified are: Immoral behavior and Lack of discipline (1 Cor5:1-13), Lawsuits between believers and Litigation in the body (1 Cor6:1-20), and sex within marriage (7:1-40).


Dealing with a Case of Incest and shunning the devil (1corinthians 5)

“It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality in your midst such as does not exist among the Gentiles: namely, the someone is having sexual relations with his father’s wife. Are you conceited? More than that, shouldn’t you have mourned with the result that the one who is doing this be removed from your midst”. (1cor5:1-3)

Paul observation that sexual immorality exists in the midst of the community considered to be a social issue. It is considered incestuous and in violation of social norms. Marriage within the family member was not allowed not only by Jewish law but Roman standards. He said, how can you be boasting about your spirit and social status when it is happening in the community. This brings Corinthians links Paul’s treatment of incest with some of the basic attitudes that leads to the lack of unity within the community. Paul stressed on about immoral act in the community. if a man/woman is doing this immoral act, he must not be entertained by the community meaning God will judge and remove the evil one from you own midst. Meaning remove him from the community and give him to Satan.

Lawsuits between believers and Litigation in the body (1corinthians 6)

It seems at least Corinthian Christians were involved in a lawsuit against each other over a minor dispute. Paul describes the judges involved as unrighteous and with no standing in the church (1 Corinthians 6:1–2). Paul is not saying Christians should never be under the authority of secular government, nor ever appear in court. He teaches clearly in Romans that Christians must submit to government authorities. Paul says, those in Christ will one day judge the world and angels. Instead of going to court before unbelievers, it would be less of a defeat to just live with being wronged or defrauded. It is shameful to see brothers or sisters in Christ cheating one another (1 Corinthians 6:3–8). The wicked or unrighteous will not inherit God's kingdom. They will not share in God's glory forever. The unrighteous are labeled by their sinful activities: sexual immorality, idol worship, adultery, practicing homosexuality, stealing, greed, regular drunkenness, and spewing angry insults (1 Corinthians 6:9–10). Paul is urging them to live up to that new identity and not down to the standards of their culture (1 Corinthians 9:11).

Paul confronts two major issues happening in the church at Corinth. First, he is outraged that one of them has brought a lawsuit against a brother in Christ over a minor dispute. It is absurd to think that Christians—those who will judge the world and angels—cannot even judge a small matter between themselves. Second, Paul warns his readers to run from sexual immorality. Sex creates a powerful bond intended only for marriage. Since our bodies belong to and are part of Christ, we have no right to bring Him into a one-body union with someone to whom we're not married.

Concerning marriage life (1 Corinthians 7)

Paul identified many other marital issues like forms an inclusio around exposition of his ideas on the use of courts. He also stressed his concern on sex within marriage, special situation, the unmarried which allows him to addressed the situation of those who are not yet married and those who are no longer married. People in this situation must make a decision as to whether they should marry. Paul concerned about how people should think about married life. He concentrates on the question they asked him “is it better to be married or not?”, “should married Christians have sex?”

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First Paul talks about sex and marriage. He presents a further consideration on sexual matters concerning sexuality and marriage, especially on issues that arose from a slogan “it is good for a man not to have sexual relationship with a woman”. (7:1). Paul answered the questions saying, man should be having sexual relationship with his own wife likewise the husband. Wife does not have authority over her own body but her husband, like wise her husband. Always devout your marriage by praying so that Satan will not tempt both. Both must be understanding and not deprived each other. He advice to stay unmarried but he understands that God give each a gift.

Second concerned was about divorce. He said to those who are not married and the widows it is good not to married. If they have no power over themselves or self-control, then they should have married. He strongly talks about married people that one must not divorce his/her partner. If one does, they should stay unmarried or reconcile with each other. If one is not a believer they should not divorce because they have been made holy in the virtue of their sacred union to be a believer, instead they children will be unclean but they are holy.

Third cornered was to living the life God has assigned. It is good to remain and live as you were called. Each one has their own vocation in life. Living your own life according to the commandment of God. It is good to live faithfully in whatever situation of your life to follow Jesus. If you are called life-union with the Lord you are already are free man therefore Paul said, we must remain in close communion with God, despite of whatever situation is.

Fourth concerned was an advice for the unmarried. It is an instruction to the single and widowed. Paul said, if you married, stay as married, if you are single, do not rush into marriage because marriage has many problems. To spare you from marriage problems and challenges just live as single. Those who are not living with their spouse do not cry, they should celebrate and enjoy because they will be live as free from anxiety.

Firth concerned was about remarriage. Paul said to marry or not to marry. If one is bound to a marriage and the spouse dies, they are free to marry again as they desire and must be a God’s believer. However, Paul advice to remained single and happy if they have God’s spirit.

Therefore, First Corinthians 7 focused mostly on avoiding sexual immorality. Here he commands married husbands and wives not to deprive each other of sex, or get divorced, in a misguided attempt to be more spiritual. Unmarried people who can live contentedly without sex, however, should consider remaining single in order to serve Christ undivided. Getting married is good, but the time is short. The form of this world is passing away. Unmarried people should think about the opportunities to avoid trouble and serve Christ that come with staying single.


Paul has many purposes writing this letter to the Corinthians. The basic theme for the chapter 5 and 6 is mostly based on the purity of the community. He tells them of what is meant for the community to be God’s holy people. The two issues that Paul aware were they dealing with a case of incest “a man sleeping with his father’s wife” and lawsuits between believers, their resource to the courts to settle their petty claims against one and other. Paul stated example of men using prostitute, to show the misjudgment of their reasoning on a slogan “urging liberty in all things” (6:12). Boasting of some of the Corinthians links Paul’s treatment of incest with some of the basic attitudes that leads to the lack of unity within the community. Paul said to settle this disputes, the communities should take responsibilities to settle it in the first place. Thus, the community does not take responsibilities for this two situations. The case Paul wanted the community to adjudicate is one of incest Paul expectation that the community in Corinth should sit in judgment on and mete out a penalty to one of their number whose behavior was known was known to be egregious was one similarity. The community must judge the incestuous man and punished him. In every culture incest is considered a particularly egregious form of sexual misconduct, even if various cultures differ from one another in the determination of the specific relationships within sexual relationship would be a major violation of the social ethos.

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