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A Doll’s House is a play by Henrik Ibsen. It revolves around issues of marriage and family. It talks about Norah Helmer who is a middle-class and is married to Torvalds. She took an illegal bank loan to save the life of her husband Torvalds. Her husband is not aware of whether she has any pending bank loans to be paid. This paper will look at a summary of the drama, setting of the play, irony, main characters, historical context...
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In the book of Smaradhahana the work of Mpu Dharmaja, Dewi Ratih name written (Rati) and her lover Kamajaya. In the book told about the burning of Dewi Ratih along Kamajaya towards the birth of Ganesha (elephant-headed deity). The spirit of the goddess and Ratih Kamajaya then incarnated into physical Kirana and Sri Kamesywara, Kadiri Kings who ruled from the year 1116 until 1135 M At the Seven-month womb, the ceremony is up to now still held most of the...
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Through history, women have always been the homebody. The typical housewife: always cleaning, cooking, doing what women “are supposed to do.” In the 1950’s, it was not rare for a woman of a small town to do basic housewife chores. That was a woman’s identity at the time. Known for nothing else, women succumbed to that title. In “Chronicle of A Death Foretold” they were not allowed to do much else other than their housewife duties. Their available choices, aspirations,...
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Shakespeare’s Othello revolves its two central characters: Othello, a general in the Venetian army and a husband to Desdemona, and his treacherous friend, Iago. In Othello, the role of women is a prevalent theme that gets presented in a negative approach. Othello demonstrates different modes of containment are portrayed through restrictions on acts of violence and used to isolate women. The characters of Desdemona and Emilia demonstrate the treatment of what women had to go through in that time period....
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Islam depicts marriage to be the foundation of society and family life. All Muslims are encouraged to marry. Islam teaches every aspect of life, in a concise manner, including the chapter of marriage in an individual’s life. In order to live a life of peace and tranquility, both partners in the relationship are required to fulfil each other’s rights. In an atmosphere of harmony, these rights and duties initiate a framework to balance the household and family life. Islam secures...
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In the world there are two prominent gender males and females. Both the genders are difference both physically and mentally. In the history ladies were considered as a thing. Women in had almost no right. But now things are moving towards the positive direction. We need to know the role of women in life and its importance. Just as you dissertation is useless with proper dissertation methodology. Take our help in dissertation and ease your work. Let’s see how to...
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Abstract The Present study entitled The Role of Marriage: A feminist study of The Immigrant tries to identify the problems experienced by a married woman. Manju Kapur is a contemporary Indian feminist writer. She focuses on the NRI (Non Resident Indian) marriages where men and women both are uprooted and move to live in some alien land. Consequently, both suffer from frustration, displeasure and nostalgia while leaving their homeland. As a feminist writer, she mainly deals with the common issues...
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“Revolt of Mother” and “The Yellow Wallpaper”, are two stories that uniquely portray the undesirable circumstances of gender inequality during the Victorian Era of 1837. During that time, women were treated as housemaids, were only allowed to do specific job duties, and were given limitations toward the activities that they could participate in. Authors, Mary E.W. Freeman and Charlotte P. Gilman, were able to uniquely portray the perspectives of women during that time period through the lives of the main...
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During the Roman times, women were always under the rule of men. The Romans had the strong belief that all women, regardless their status or age, were characterized by a general inborn incapacity of the female gender. Therefore, the Roman family was male-dominated, and men were the head of the household, the paterfamilias, women were subjects to be under custody of the nearest male relative in their family, commonly her husband or father. Although women did not hold an imperative...
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