The Problem Of Inverted Faith

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First of all what does the word inverted mean? Basically, it's like flipping your clothes inside out. Instead of looking at the photo, you are looking at the negative. I remember when I was learning web design in school. If we wanted to do a Feathering process; we could select the item, designate the amount of feather we wanted; and then we had to flip it.

We had to turn the select object function inside out, so that the object selected was the outside of the image. This selection would be away from the part that we wanted to have the feather applied to. That would enable us to delete outside part, because that's the part that was selected after an inversion. Then we hit the clear or delete button, and the outside disappears or is deleted from the object selected originally - the part we truly wanted to keep.

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Likewise, an inverter is an electric device that converts direct current to alternating current. Similarly, a virtual world is an inverted version of the physical world.The thing is, what we often consider to be the invisible or virtual reality; is in fact reality, and we are living in the inverted version. (I'm not talkin about games here.)

This is why our faith is often inverted. We are spiritual beings that were placed in clay forms. We were placed in these forms to exist temporarily in this physical reality.

The problem is that we have forgotten to tend to our spirits. It actually takes skill to dwell in the realm of the spirit.Clay people have forgotten the spiritual light inside themselves. I think that the inverted attributes of their bodies is what they are. They've forgotten that light of their real being is what kept their clay bodies softer, more flexible, and more moldable.

In order for clay to stay malleable, water is required. The water of the spirit is the Word. If clay is not getting enough water; like a plant, it begins to dry out. In clay people, this drying out; this dehydration results in hardness. The hardness happens first in the heart and spreads to the rest of the form.

Within the structure of the clay form, excessive dehydration can literally break you. Any sign of hardness within the clay form, is a sign of the potential or the onset of disease; usually accompanied by pain.For example, the foot map; if there is a callus forming anywhere on the foot, it is a sign of a pain problem that is building in the area connected to that part of the foot.

For instance, if you have a callus building on your heel it is a sign that your glutes and the pelvic region are tightening up and a pain problem may develop in your hips or lower back. Living in clay reality, is not living in real reality because we are Spirit beings. When our focus is on the environment and existence within the clay, we can be easily broken.

Think about when clay is being molded. It is punched, smacked, beat, slapped, pummeled, pushed and prodded; and water has to be added prior to ever being set on the wheel by the Potter. Why? It is because it must be softened in order to be molded. It cannot take shape or be formed into anything new so it is softened first.

The softening process is like a reset in the mind taking you back to a time when you were more pliable and adaptable and eager to learn; a time when you were more malleable. When you walk by faith you are living by your spirit. You are seeing by your spirit. Your emotional experience is by your spirit; meaning you are experiencing the joy of fulfillment long before it occurs.

The clay life however, is one of pain. I'm not watered constantly by the spirit the clay hardens. Hardness brings pain. There is no way for clay to stay malleable unless it is constantly watered with the word. When you live the clay life with inverted faith, you only experience things in the physical realm. You have no foresight nor insight. Your form hardens and is easily broken.

You are forever waiting for fulfillment which never comes because you don't believe it unless you see it and feel it in your physical form. Inverted faith never allows you too emotionally feel joy and excitement until that which you desire physically comes to you. That which is desired will never physically come to anyone who does not believe they have already received it.

You will never gain possession of something you don't already believe you have, because everything you could want or dream is already within you. Inverted faith believes in limitations. It believes in I can't instead of in I am. When it comes to pain,, or disease, inverted faith believes, 'I am sick, I have a disease, I am in pain.'

But one who walks by the spirit; who gets their water from the well of The Word; believes, ' I am healthy, I am strong, I am pain free.' Any word that falls up under, or flows from anger and resentment will cause a manifestation of pain in your life. It doesn't matter whether you thought that word, believed that word, or spoke that word.

And as a result, that thought that belief or that spoken word will cause the boomerang of karma to smack you with pain. The only thing that can break this chain of pain probability in the events of your life, is an attitude of gratitude and the law of forgiveness.

Pain is a choice. It is the combination of faith, thoughts, beliefs, and spoken word. Even in light of hereditary, inherited curses; the law of karma can be broken by spiritual faith and spoken word.

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