Psychometric Test And My Personal Experience

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Table of contents

  1. Analysis
  2. Evaluation
  3. Conclusion

I took numerical psychometric test on 29th November 2019. The test as such was focused on basic mathematical principles such as percentages and ratios, applied into real-world situations. Therefore, it required integrating a level of transferable skills. Taking the test made me feel anxious due to the amount of data that I had to process for each question. I came to the realisation that my weakness is breaking complex information from graphs into component parts.


Having attempted the test I gained a greater understanding of what I need to improve on to ensure I have the best chances of employability. I have achieved a pass score of 45%, and it took me average time of 85% to finish the aptitude test. I have realised that I am strong at reading with comprehension; hence I was able to identify questions, and this was particularly useful alongside my numerical skills which allowed me to apply the right formula in order to solve problems.

My frustration was derived from the fact that I struggled to analyse and evaluate data compiled in a form of graphs and tables. Therefore, I need to improve my ability to comprehend and draw logical conclusions from numerical data in a statistical form, as this was a vital component that was tested.


Adele Sweetwood claims that ”the most significant culture shift today for marketing teams is adopting an analytical marketing approach.” In increasingly data-driven world, I will need to be able to critically analyse the vast amount of data, identify trends and patterns; draw conclusions about consumer behaviour. As a marketing executive I will have to develop core competencies such as the ability to evaluate marketing campaigns which requires analytical skills.

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I demonstrated that I have developed a set of transferable skills, however I now understand that I need to further practise my analytical skills such as graphing interpretation in order to become a more effective employee.


In conclusion, marketing is an increasingly competitive industry. Due to the high demand of potential applicants, employers use psychometric tests to filter down the number of candidates as it is a fair measure to assess abilities of possible employees. Having reflected on my experience of psychometric tests, I understand the significance of developing my analytical skills in order to maximise the chances of success for a placement search or in order to increase my employability.

To improve my test performance before taking psychometric tests in the future, I will take use of numerous resources online that provide psychometric tests and revision materials. Hence, I will know what to expect when applying for placements or graduate jobs in terms of the layout and pattern of questions. Moreover, I will practice tests under timed conditions to stimulate the conditions I experience on the test day.

I have improved my awareness on how to keep my mind sharp; I will practice solving games for brain stimulation such as Sudoku and Puzzles. This will help me improve my logical chain of reasoning therefore I will be able to analyse and solve the core of the problem promptly. I will utilise the amount of resources on social media such as YouTube; watching descriptive videos on graphing interpretation will improve my analytical skills of reading graphs.

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