Personal Experience Of Going Vegan

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Hello everyone today l would like to share my experience when I went vegan for a month. Some of you might know what is vegan but not as well. Vegan will not consume any products that harm or come from the animal such as they will drink soy milk instead of milk. There are many types of this lifestyle. Base on my experience, it very challenge me to avoid meat, chicken, fish, egg or the product containing animal derived additive for 30days but it’s become my unforgettable experience and made me become more discipline because it make me concern more about the nutrition information, ingredients of the product and balance nutrition in order to be more healthy. Eating vegan for a month make my health to be healthier and prevent from many diseases.

First, losing weight, vegan diet is more effective way to diet than control calorie-restricted diets. Vegan diet has a natural tendency in order to reduce the calorie. Vegan will concern lot about the product and consume a lot of vegetables, whole grain and fruit which contain lot of high fiber and nutrient which are low calorie and no excess fat like saturated fats and cholesterols.

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Second, eating vegan may reduce the risk of certain cancers. According to the research from the world health organization, one third of all cancer might be prevented by factors under your control. This lifestyle will avoid consuming animal product that can reduce the risk of breast prostate and colon cancers. Plus, the researcher suggests that consume fresh fruits and vegetables at least 7 portions / day also reduce the risk of dying caused by cancer up to 15%.

Last but not least, eating vegan may reduce the level of blood sugar. If you are bubble milk tea lover go vegan can help you. In milk tea contain lot of sugar and fat that leads to high level of blood sugar. According to the study, around 43% of the participants who following a vegan diet be able to reduce the level of blood sugar more than other diet. It can help you to live longer with bubble milk tea without diabetes 2 types if you go vegan a once or every other month. Not only your health that will become more healthy, but go vegan can help you to reduce and prevent the risk of many diseases too.

In conclusion, not only my lifestyle change my health also gets better too. Eating vegan can lose the weight, prevent the risk of certain cancers and finally reduce the level of blood sugar. I hope you will try this lifestyle a once and see how are you change.

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