Veganism Research Paper: Project Background and Rationale

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Project Background and Rationale

An ethical customer of the market is an individual those are intentionally paid attention to the marketer with diverse offers for keeping their interest updated towards the organization. The research study will focus on the adaptability of vegan coffee by the wider population of the Irish market in Ireland. The research will discuss the role of the Irish market in producing vegan coffee and the determination of trends in the Irish market. The research on the acceptance of vegan coffee in Ireland has been undertaken for evidencing the importance of veganism in leading healthy life. Evidence can be found regarding the term vegetarianism showing that being vegan is a lifestyle rather than a diet. In the process of accepting a vegan lifestyle, most of the population is regarded to eliminate the consumption of several food items that are meat or beef with a decision to stop consuming the non-veg items completely. The project will thus focus on surveying the population of Ireland who are interested in veganism. The model and theories in the research study will be applied in order to define, the consumption behaviour of the consumer towards

These research papers have been adopted in order to find how the interests of people are rose towards a specific product of a particular region or company that makes it a trend to others. The food and beverages company or production in the region such as Ireland is deepened on the behavior and trends of customers. While initiating this part, a dichotomy of consumer often states the pro-ethical behavior and attitude of the customer of Ireland and purchasing habit towards vegan coffee. The research proposal has explored the needed point by conducting qualitative and quantitative methods and finding out gaps in research that are referred to in the literature.

This part of the research is linked with findings that will allow me to develop my research skills in the field of business research. With the evaluation and analysis of collected data, I will be able to find the literature gap by employing qualitative and quantitative methods in order to find the preferences of executives in coffee shops towards veganism (Wrenn, 2019). By conducting this research, the program of business research skills will be improved on the ground of undertaking a business approach in Ireland. It will be easier for me to investigate the area-wise demand and impact of veganism. The research conducted as per the business skills program is thus directly linked to the business of a Coffee shop that is getting impacted due to veganism culture.

Research Aim

This research aims at figuring out the reason behind the acceptance of coffee shops in the Irish market

Research Objective

    1. To identify the different factors leading to increasing veganism in the population of Ireland
    2. To understand the ethical behavior of people toward veganism
    3. To evaluate the increasing role of the Coffee shop in the Irish market toward veganism
    4. To find how Coffee shops can influence the population of Ireland in consuming vegan coffee

Research Questions

Primary Question

    1. What does veganism mean to the Irish Population?

Sub -Question

    1. What are the different factors that are ensuring veganism to the Ireland population?
    2. What vital role is played by the Coffee shops in maintaining the veganism lifestyle of Irish people?


Vegetarianism is one of the nutrition terms generally used for defining the types of eating habits. This term eliminates the habits of eating certain foods that are included in the Non-vegetarianism category. According to the survey, veganism has thus been identified as 600% in the last three years. Being veganism means giving up several luxuries included in daily lifestyle such as the consumption of meat, wearing leather, or using products made out of leather. The consumption of coffee in Ireland by its population has increased by 10% as once coffee is consumed by each person per day (green news. ie, 2019). The consumption of coffee has also found in increasing coffee shops in the Irish market by 8.5% (, 2019). According to the survey, 75% of the population prefers to consume coffee once a day.

In the case of beverages and other drinks, Ireland is observed to have a vegan lifestyle due to changing lifestyles. Veganism in Ireland has undertaken a huge surge and is popular worldwide.

Initial Literature Review


In this research section, the concept of veganism and how it is related to the changing lifestyle of the people of Ireland will be discussed with the help of journals and articles. The impact of veganism culture in coffee shops will be observed by applying an appropriate theory or model. Later on, the theory and model along with the influence of veganism will be used in finding the literature gap in the research.

Concept of Veganism in the Context of Ireland

Being vegan is a great deal as it will soon provide an individual with the world of foods with different flavors. The diet chart of vegan food is consisting of whole fruits and green vegetables. It also included dry fruits and other nutrient items that are not acquired from the sources of animals. The endless combination of such vegan food items will not let the consumer become bored of a different flavor (North et al. 2019). Veganism among the population of Ireland has been adopted due to ethical and cultural considerations. It has been considered by the company to ensure animal and environmental conservation that has been followed by government policies, business policies, and community unity. According to the statement of Janssen et al. (2016), veganism is a procedure that ensures the nonusage of animal-related products such as meat, leather or other product to be used as per cultural behavior or due to changing trends of a healthy lifestyle. The key factors that are influencing the veganism lifestyle of the people of the Irish population are morality, ethical behavior, and the last and most important factor is the protection of animals and the environment. Veganism can be said as a combination of deciding to intake a healthier lifestyle and being concerned about the environment (Rogerson, 2017). The people ensure to reach the goal of taking nutrition by consuming secure nutritional food items. The ethical consideration and behavior of the Irish people for veganism can be identified by the reduction of meat consumption and saving animals. It means the elimination of cruelty towards animals and accepting a peaceful lifestyle.

Veganism is not related to the diet instead it reveals the culture and religion of a specific country or location where the vast percentage of people quit consuming animals as non-veg food items. Apart from unethical behavior, veganism is also considered as one of the better strategies for securing the lives of animals and conserving the environment. It has been stated by Rogerson, (2018), that recently, most of the organizations operating in Ireland is involved in motivating the ethics of veganism (Kennedy et al. 2019). In most coffee shops, the usage of cream has been decreased for promoting vegan coffee to its customer and cooperating with the Irish culture. Most of the medicine shops have also considered the approach of stopping killing animals for preparing medicine and instead using herbal items. The medicine is checked before distribution in the market.

Impact of Veganism on the Coffee Shop

The Irish population plays an active role in maintaining the culture of veganism by reducing the usage of leather products and consumption of non-veg food items. Moreover, the shops and local food manufacturers are also involved in producing or selling veg foods. The coffee shop even has tried to produce vegan coffee varieties and tastes (Wrenn, 2017). As per the UCC survey, a drastic change in food consumption habits has been identified due to the vegan culture adopted in Ireland. Where 8% were non-vegan and 2% are vegans. With an increasing sense of veganism, the population using non-veg and even selling non-veg coffees using whole or full milk cream has declined. The vegan coffee shop in Ireland is increasing rapidly with the motive of introducing and supporting the culture of veganism and ensuring less consumption of non-veg food. Coffee shops such as Dublin are providing varieties of vegan food with offers in order to make the customer attracted to veg products instead of non-veg (Waters, 2018). The number or percentage of vegans in Ireland is not officially figured out however the vegan society according to the survey done by the UK department has found a tripling of veganism since the decade to above 500000 (vegan. ie, 2019). In the year 2013, the market for food hit £625 million which rose to £657 million within one year. In current days, more than 12% of the population of Ireland has been following vegan culture. With the increasing veganism, the demand for plant and green vegetables is also getting affected. The culture of coffee per day is intense; however, most coffee shops are needed to adopt a different style of presenting coffee with less usage of milk products and attract customers (Brown, 2018). However, in the case of the vegan coffee shop, the demand the coffee has remained similar however, fewer coffee shop has been able to meet the demand of customer and thus most of the coffee shop has been suffering from less revenue generation.

Theory of planned behavior

Theses theory has been influenced by the Reasoned Action theory originated by Fishbein and Ajzen considering human behavior in the decision-making process. The particular reason for introducing this theory in the concept of veganism is to evaluate the action of Irish people and coffee shops towards this culture (Demmer et al. 2016). The theory assumes that how strong is the intention, the more it will have its action performed in a specific field.

Three determinants have been suggested by Ajzen that are self-reliant. The theory states an attitude of an individual toward himself. The three determinants are subjective norms, emotions, and perceived behavior control that ensures the ability of an individual in controlling one's behavior and emotion by themselves. The theory has stated that from its perspective, an individual's intention is formed by the result of three factors that have been determined previously leading to behavioral practices.

An attitude of an individual reflects the favorable or unfavorable behavior of the people and helps in appraising the behavior towards variables. The perspective of controlling one's behavior gives rise to the intention of an individual that is appropriate for determining the factors of human behavior. Hence, the perspective and thoughts of an individual regarding veganism can be evaluated with a perfect attitude. The negative or positive perspective of humans is then supported by the social connection in a locality determining the second factor of the planned theory which is supportive norms. It has been thus identified that if an individual gets a positive attitude and support from the supportive norms, the action and experience of humans towards veganism culture will be stronger.

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Supply and demand

While exploring the market of coffee shops in Ireland, for primary research, it has been noticed that the cost of coffee has risen due to increasing consumption and demand of coffee in the context of the enormous coffee culture in the UK. The coffee shop is having more than one variety of coffee along with different types of snacks offering with it (YUZUAK and Erten, 2018). At the time of research, several changes have been observed regarding changes in the taste, form, style of serving, and contents of coffee in the shop due to the adoption of vegan culture in a business that has enlarged the demand and supply of coffee as well in the Ireland market. However, the coffee shop is segmented into two different areas with a vegan section and a non-vegan section in order to make it easy for consumers to select and identify their preferred section (Yu et al. 2018). This great movement by the Coffee shop has ensured increasing demand for the customer. With the increasing demand for vegan food and coffee, the market of Ireland has increased the productivity of vegetables and fruits and thus the supply of such organic food products has increased. The consequence of such a veganism culture has on that shop those are relying on non-veg food items. The research has observed a declining position in most coffee shops due to less variety available in the shop of vegan category. In order to support such reasonable requirements of vegan coffee, one and only option available to the coffee shop is to increase the supply or availability of resources for vegans (Wrenn, 2019). The profitability of coffee shops in Ireland is depended on the customers' demand. Hence the shops are needed to include a vegan section must in the restaurants so at to ensure that regular customers are in the vegan coffee section.

Literature gap

After analyzing the concept of veganism and its influence positive or negative on the coffee shop business of Ireland, the literature review has found a gap in the perspective of business skills where gender discrimination is highlighted in the surge of veganism. The thoughts of the public regarding the consumption of non-veg by masculine in vast amounts are needed to be eliminated. Equality in veganism is needed to bring as feminine veganism is bridging the gap between the concept of herbivores and omnivores. In the context of a coffee shop, the marketers are needed to align the brand images and their functional core value towards the organizational activities in order to ensure profitability and eliminate the issue of veganism.

Research Methodology and Methods

In this research section, an appropriate method will be applied to finding the result of collected data and it will be analyzed for identifying the relationship between two variables.

Research Philosophy

The research study will be conducted on the basis of the positivism philosophy, as it is appropriate in adhering to facts related to the collected data and analysis. The positivist philosophy is more likely to link with originality and can hold proximity to ensure data authenticity proximity (Saunders et al. 2015).

Research approach

A deductive approach will be considered in this research study for finding an effective conclusion out of applied methodology. The deductive approach will allow the researcher in finding a better correlation between the two different dependent and independent variables (Jebb et al. 2017). The approach has been adopted to focus on the theories applied in the literature review. Hence the impact of changing the lifestyle of Irish people regarding veganism and its impact on the coffee shop market can be analyzed.

Research Design

The research design will conduct a causality test with minimum or optimal variables as an exploratory design. The key purpose of the research design in this research study is to conceptualize the research framework in an understanding manner that will be accomplished by conducting an exploratory research design (Bobrovskij, 2018). It will help in improving the research findings at the end of the research

Data collection method

In this research, both the qualitative and quantitative data collection methods will be adopted for collecting primary and secondary data. The qualitative data will be ensuring the accuracy of information by using the interview technique. However, the quantitative data collection procedure will be conducted on the basis of a survey questionnaire (YUZUAK and Erten, 2018). The secondary data will be collected from books, journals, and online articles for ensuring the authenticity of the information.

Sampling and finding

In the method of qualitative data, 3 types of management that are the executive, the manager, and the staff will be interviewed for understanding their view regarding veganism in a coffee shop. The qualitative data collection method will be conducted with the help of a questionnaire for collecting primary data from 51 respondents on the basis of their views towards vegan coffee shops and their influencing behavior.

Data analysis technique

The research will collect data in the form of a survey by using a quantitative method with a random sampling of 51 respondents. The data will be evaluated with the help of percentage calculation to identify what percentage has agreed with the fact and disagreed. Percentage data will be analyzed by preparing a pie chart or bar graph to show the responses in an attractive manner. Graph interpretation will be an effective analyzing tool for attracting attention and evaluating the result of data collection in an easier process in a short time (Milburn, 2016).

Ethical Issues

The research will be following the Data Protection Act of 1998 for the collected information the research in order to keep it safe due to the integrity of the information sources. The authentic usage of information with the consent of the sources will be conducted. While conducting research no such forces will be given to the respondents as to maintain the ethical consideration. With the help of the Data Protection Act, data bias will be avoided by not undertaking the research work of other researchers. Any issues incurred during data collection will be sensitive for proceeding with research work. Hence the research information will be dealt with confidentiality. Instead, the date will be processed and used for the research work only.

Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

While collecting data from the sources of the survey will consider the permission of the respondents and no forces will be done for responding to the unethical questionnaire as per respondent’s perspectives. The data collected from the sources of articles or journals will be used ethically without harming the confidentiality of the information.

In the situation that data information will be blocked at any instance for any reason, the information will be either collected from the interview with the executive or manager or from the journal, books, and articles collected online. As I am presuming with the business skills program I have suggestive and sufficient knowledge regarding the research on this topic that will help me in completing this research work within the time frame (Kennedy et al. 2019).

In order to complete the research work within semester 2, I will prepare a time frame and make an endeavor to complete the research within 3 months.

With consideration of the Data Protection Act, I will be securing the collected data in my personal laptop secured with a password to eliminate the accessibility of information by another assessor.

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