Should Not Wearing a Seatbelt Be Illegal: Persuasive Essay

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The use of seatbelts by passengers and drivers while traveling is still a somewhat controversial issue. As for me, I am absolutely convinced that the non-use of seatbelts by these road users should be illegal.

First of all, not wearing seatbelts should be prohibited everywhere because wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of death when in a car crash by 45% and reduces the risk of serious injury by 50%. According to statistics, the death toll worldwide in 2017 from not wearing a seatbelt is 37,133. Of these wear motor vehicle crashes, 47% were not wearing seatbelts. Many people have lost their friends and family members from not wearing their seatbelts. In addition, statistics showed that seatbelts saved 14,955 lives in 2017, and this number could have increased by 2,549 if they had been worn.

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The fact that seatbelts help save lives to a large extent can be explained by Newton's first law. Mostly, this is because they keep you stuck to your seat instead of flying out in a crash. For example, if a car is going at 90 km per hour, then the persons inside the car are also going at 90 km per hour. If the car crashes, the car’s speed is slowed down, but the people inside the car are still going at 90 km per hour. If they aren’t wearing a seatbelt, then they can be flung out of the car at the speed of 90 km per hour. The impact that the people in the car can have on the steering wheel, windshield, etc. can kill them. This is because there is a force stopping the car, but there’s no force stopping the person from flying out. This is why wearing seatbelts is important as they will absorb all the force from the person in the crash.

Pushing the idea that it’s on the driver to make sure that everyone in the car is safe is important. The driver should make sure that everyone in the car is wearing a seatbelt. This is because if anyone in the car is seriously injured or even dead, the driver will be punished and could possibly get jail time. The driver has to make sure that every possible safety measure is ensured for everyone to have the safest possible trip. If not, they will be the ones that will get demerit points, their license suspended, or even jail time. But if it was illegal not to use seatbelts, this could be avoided.

To conclude my essay, I believe it would be much safer if we had a law that it was illegal to not wear a seatbelt. It would be safer in many ways such as it would save many lives and reduce the risk of serious injuries. We have to move toward a point where there are zero crashes on the road. Putting on a seatbelt only takes a few seconds, but those few seconds can save lives. Cars can be safe if we use them properly, this includes maintaining them, using your mirrors, and most importantly, wearing a seatbelt.

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