Distracted Driving Essay Examples (11)

Bad Driving Habits And Unsafe Driving

Is it Worth it? Distraction on the road seems very extremely easy and appears as a deadly matter. Crashes and even deaths occur when taking that quick second to look away. If an individual is on a phone texting, talking, or listening to music anything...
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Causes And Solutions Of Fatal Road Accidents

Fatal road accident can be defined as a death resulting from an unfortunate mishap happened on a public road involving one or more vehicle. The world has the highest road fatality risk among the ASEAN and made it to the top three countries in the...
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Behind The Wheel: Stopping Distracted Driving

When you think of distracted driving, texting, or talking on the phone are likely the first things to come to mind. But, according to the article “Distracted Driving”, author Bruce Law says that some of the less obvious factors may be eating while driving, talking...
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How Dangerous It Can Be To Text Or Talk While Driving

Technologies in the ways of communications and technology-based have improved greatly over the last decade. Years before technology started to become advanced and simpler, there was the old fashion technology that was in use. This was the landline connection to houses, offices, stores, and phone...
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Smartphone Driving Safety App And Cell Phone Car Holders

According to the Bahama Journal on January 12, 2019, sixty-nine persons lost their lives in traffic fatalities. This number does not reflect serious injuries, minor injuries, hit and run accidents, and damages to public property, private property, and vehicles. (the Bahamas, 2017) They enable accessible...
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Distracted Driving: Eyes Off The Road

Distracted driving is an activity where the driver takes his eyes off the road and diverts his or her attention. Distracted driving includes texting, using a cell phone, eating or drinking, reading, talking to passengers, looking a the GPS, etc. There are 3 types of...
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