Bad Driving Habits And Unsafe Driving

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Distraction on the road seems very extremely easy and appears as a deadly matter. Crashes and even deaths occur when taking that quick second to look away. If an individual is on a phone texting, talking, or listening to music anything happens when looking away while driving. Or even eating, searching for things, or not alert at any time. Smart-phone related tasks make distracted driving more common today following fatal crashes. Laws exist, but that never stops individuals from practicing bad habits. Safety practices by people get overlooked in multifarious ways, for example, cutting off texting features, turning on Bluetooth, or shutting off the phone. Individuals focus on adverse things at the time rather than focusing on the horrendous outcome while prevention falls into place. Texting while driving as well as other mechanisms causes deadly outcomes, individuals should be punished for those actions on the second defense such as getting a ticket.

Several types of distractions act as a deadly result, for example, texting and driving, eating, or talking on the phone. Prevention appears as the alternate for horrible end results. A document states, “...I'd finally lose patience with my daughter I'd pull over and get out...When I pulled over I presented zero risks for crashing”. This shows how something small while driving turned into something deadly. According to the author of an article, “Studies have shown that talking on a phone while driving can increase the risk of an accident... such as texting, which require drivers to take their eyes off the road for longer periods of time and their attention away from driving...” (“Texting While Driving”). The text from an article also states, “on average, 9 people were killed and 1,153 people were injured every day in vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers in the United States” (“Mobile Phones”). This shows how much texting and driving appear as very dangerous or even any other distractions.

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Many studies and statistics show that road distractions cause fatal crashes to happen. An article states, “almost 33,000 people were killed on the nation's highways in for 2010 indicate that 3,092 deaths...occurred in a distraction-affected crash... the increasing use by the general population of cell phones and PEDs will result in more cell phone...related accidents and fatalities on our nation's highways in the future” (Hart). Many people fail to realize that road distractions affect driving in various ways. Anything happens whenever an individual takes a quick second just to look away. Putting the phone away until the individual arrives at the destination will not impair anyone for that time period. Sufficiency in technology leads to increased accidents today in society. As mentioned in an article, “ distracted driving crashes claimed 5,474 lives and led to 448,000 injuries across the country last year...” (Mayerowitz). People never realize the bad outcomes of road distractions until someone gets injured.

A law gets passed to cut down the usage of phones while operating a car, also known as the hands-free law. Texting while driving appears as the main problem for fatal accidents, according to statistics and studies over the years. However, road distractions get overlooked by the human race. The text states, “As of November 2009, texting-while-driving laws were on the books in eighteen states...and more individual cities had passed laws that ban texting or talking on handheld cell phones while driving in their communities” (“Texting While Driving”). The law stays in action as of now, however, individuals break this law on the road numerous amounts of times. Even though the hands-free law got placed into action it goes unnoticed by aware people. Texting and driving, the main problem of crashes, gets overlooked but, there are many other distractions that follow along as well. Listening to music, conversing with another, eating, and searching for things leave humans not alert at all times. An article states, “The (NHTSA) and other agencies identify three specific subtypes of distracted driving: visual, manual, and cognitive” (“Distracted Driving”). Each and every one of these road distractions gets overlooked, but texting and driving appear as the main ones practiced. Texting and driving appear as the deadliest too.

Texting while driving as well as other mechanisms causes deadly outcomes, individuals should be punished for those actions on the second defense such as getting a ticket. Getting distracted on the road causes many issues, especially texting and driving. Today texting and driving along with other road distractions show up as critical according to statistics and studies. Meanwhile, all of the bad habits get overlooked which leads up to laws and death threatening causes. Taking a quick second to look away is not worth giving up life. Pulling over or waiting solves all problems right then and there. Practicing good habits leads to positive outcomes. Road distractions should not be a bad habit that takes place or practiced.

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