Problem of Social Awareness on the Examples of Distracted Driving and Environmental Issues

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Social awareness is the ability to accurately interpret a social environment as well as infer the emotions of others in the same environment. In this essay, the problem of social awareness shines through. Both of the examples that will be presented in the paper use powerful, emotionally charged images to raise the audience's awareness of two major social issues. Texting and driving and saving the planet Earth beam powerful images to show the world what we’re doing wrong.

Imagine: a family taking a vacation together for maybe even just a weekend getaway. One moment you’re lost looking for directions or talking on the phone, then the next moment you’re puzzled as at the last second you see a child walking in front of your car. With little or even no time to stop, there’s nothing you can do now to save yourself from a mess you just so easily created by talking on the phone. The man in this case was on his phone, maybe talking to his boss or just a quick check in with his mother. The woman seems to be aimlessly lost and confused as to where they are or what the next direction is.

The number of car accidents involving children increases during school holidays. People as a whole need to realize the risks and dangers of texting or looking for directions while driving. I’m sure people know the risks of texting and driving, but not all of us follow through with what we say when we say we need to be better at not doing that. I know personally that it’s so hard to not want to grab your phone when you get a text, even when you’re driving where it seems okay to do it. No place or time or matter is more important than the lives of the children who walk streets every day. Approximately 660,000 drivers are attempting to use their phones while at the wheel. It’s become such a common thing that people don’t even think about grabbing their phone while driving. It only takes 3 seconds for a crash to occur after taking your eyes off the road. Which means the second you take your eyes off the road, the more likely you are to hit something or someone.

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From talking about car crashes as a result of distracted driving, to the harsh reality of what is going on in the world, we tie together the social awareness raised from these two examples. The world in a bag. How awful to think of our world being contained in a plastic grocery bag. Our whole planet is becoming covered with millions and millions of items that pollute our wonderful Earth. By showing the Earth contained in a plastic bag, it shows how careless we are becoming as a whole and how mindlessly we just throw our trash on the ground or out the window of a car, without thinking about where it will go.

We often say recycle this, recycle that, but do we really do what we say we should? Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Americans use more than 300 plastic shopping bags a year, while those of Denmark use only 4 a year. Not only does this affect the people, but the wildlife that it goes out to. If a wrapper or a bag doesn’t make it into the garbage, then where does it go? It goes out to the oceans and traps animals, and may even kill them. Plastic pollution can harm land, waterways and especially oceans. It is estimated that 1-8 million metric tons of just plastic waste enters those oceans every year. If we start to clean up, or maybe not be careless on how we go about using plastic, we can save our Earth and make it clean again.

All in all, these two examples really set a sad but true description of our world. While innocent people are being killed by distracted drivers, the world is being polluted with millions of plastic items every year. The world today is careless about the use of cell phones while driving, even though the law that came out on July 1, 2019, we don’t enforce it enough. Having recycle bins doesn’t always mean it gets rightfully placed in there. I believe that as a community and as a nation, we need to really not just say the things we need to do to save our people and the Earth, but act upon it in a way that will be tremendously effective.

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