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Wall-E': Environmental Issues

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The movie entitled wall E is talked about the robot in earth, his name is wall E he was the last and only robot that has been stayed on earth. He has to collect the last different garbage everyday, Collecting garbage is his Duty in his Everyday life, as he collected the garbage he press them in a shape of box then put the boxes of garbage together and Ready to shape on earth. The Garbage that has been collected of Robot wall E had pilled up into Towers which represent that the garbage on earth are able to form a tower Due to the amount of waste in the world.

In this Movie it also shows that in 29' century, in the galaxy, the earth surface is ittered with a lot of domestic waste because of the irresponsible action of human that living in the earth. The air is filled of dust and pollution that coming from smoke and the different vehicles, at a glance, the high scrapers in the past are now towers of garbage boxes. In the Video it shows that the city is still retain traces of human life, but super markets and squares are empty, there is no ones shadow. Furthermore, when human are still living on earth, it monopolized every industry on the earth, as a result, the ecological environment on the earth had been greatly deteriorated. In this video it convey that human survival was facing a threat, in this movie they planned to build a to lot of robots to deal with garbage. The robot they made was Instructed cleaned up the earth Environments in the use of spaceship to transport in the garbage in batches into space and discard them by robots. But the earth shows that the original plans has already failed because as year passed by the street are still littered with garbage.

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In this video the mysterious spaceship lands near wall- E's house, this spaceship on the ground puts and active a White robot named Eve. Eve is just woken up by the spaceship and start to scan the Environments, she seem to look something. But after searching for a long time she still got nothing. Eve are being sent to earth ahead of time by humans to look for green plants that are capable of photosynthesis due to the fact that plants survival which prove the environment on earth can maintain the human survival of human. The magnificent scene in the Cabin shows that every human lies in a suspended chair, the clothing, food, housing and transformation are all served by robots. People inside the spaceship communicate with the used of tablets and they also reply on the front of the Communication due to the fact that they have not done exercise in a space for a long time. This lead to severe osteoporosis in human. Human are living in the spaceship are already so obese that they can't take care of themselves, In the spaceship these are two kinds of robots the serve robots and the machine guard. The machine guard was Instructed to take an action when there is an danger while the robots are Instructed to take care the human inside the spaceship, human inside the spaceship just need to lie down and live. The Scenario that shown in the movie indicated that if we continue to be an responsible individuals to our environment, the scenario in the movie it might be happen in the near future in real life situation. Where in the Earth that we live in will be filled of garbage because of our being imresponsibility, we just throw our garbage anywhere, we created chans towards the earth without noticing it.

In conclusion, the movie entitled Wall-E convey how we can maintain our survival by the help of green plants which prove that the environment of the earth is able to maintain the survival of human. It simply represent that without the environment of the earth we are not able to survive. Furthermore it shows the important of environmental in our life, which give us support for our survival, we are very dependent to the environment, without the environment we are nothing. By the help of the environment we are able to survive. As an individual who are dependent to the environment we should take care our environment and be responsible to our actions by promoting proper waste management within our selves, and do other activities that will help our environment such as tree planting to maintain the green plants to achieve our survival. However, if we continue to be an irresponsible individuals, the environment will demolish in the near future and it will affect us. We should be careful to our actions because the consequence will reflect on us, that is why we should take care our environment in order for us to survive and have quality life.

In addition, the video also shows how individuals are dependent to technology, where in everything we do the help of technology is always present. With the help of technology everything will be easy to do, some of us believed that as long as there is a technology everything will be fine, without knowing that it can lead to severe osteoporosis of human because of lack of exercise because we used machine for easy way, we used mobile phone to communicate. Furthermore, the Video convey that even though that we are supported by the technology, we still need the environment for our survival. I learned from the video is that no matter what happened we should always preserve and conserve our environment to maintain our survival and attain quality life. We can used technology for the growth and development of our environment so that we can maintain our survival. With the use of technology we are able to be innovate and find out new ideas and technique to preserve our environment. I realized from this video is that any various type of technology to clean up the environment it will not be successful, it will only be successful if we begin to change our selves from being irresponsible to responsible individuals to our environment.

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