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Since the dawn of time, Water has been the most essential commodity in human life. Nowadays, in certain areas of the world, various amounts of people have very little access to the natural resource. While in other areas of the world, they have a seemingly endless source of water. 1 million people die every year because of lack of safe drinkable water. It is imperative that everyone in this world has the opportunity to continue living by being provided by the most basic, but most important natural resource, water to help put an end to a global crisis.

Water.org is an organization that is dedicated to providing clean, drinkable water to people in different parts of the world that don’t have the ability to get clean and safe water. Water.org has not only helped save multiple lives around the world, they have empowered more than 25 million people around the world and changed their lives through safe water and sanitation. It is very hard to get people to donate to your organization because of trust issues and most charities are able to get donations by the help of celebrities. A huge part of the way that Water.org was able to grow to its level now is because of the reputation of the founder and celebrity Matt Damon who wanted to realize the dream of helping end the global water crisis which, according to the United Nations, is “insufficient water supply to satisfy basic human needs and growing demands on the world's water resources to meet human, commercial and agricultural needs.”(United Nations). This means that Matt Damon is trying to end the global water crisis and help those people of less fortunate circumstances continue prospering.Matt Damon’s full name is Matthew Paige Damon and he is an American actor, film producer and screenwriter. And according to wikipedia, “He is ranked among Forbes magazine's most bankable stars and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.”(Wikipedia). The following is an inspection of Water.org and the persuasive strategies they employ to have people help out others in any way and whether the actor Matt Damon brings a positive and effective change or whether he has a negative impact on the organization and the people who are in dire need. In addition, discussing the large numbers of people whose lives are affected because of the global water crisis.

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Water.org is a global organization that was founded in 2009 by Matt Damon and Gary White in order to end the global water crisis. Water.org helps raise awareness to provide safe water and sanitation to people around the world. Water.org helps many Latin, Asian, and African countries such as, according to Water.org, “Brazil, Honduras, Peru, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya. Tanzania, and Uganda.”(Water.org). This means they help people from four continents and 13 countries. Not only that, according to Water.org, “Today more than 25 million people around the world can turn on a tap and safely use a toilet because small, affordable loans empowered them to get access to safe water and sanitation at home. There's more to be done. With programs and people working in 13 countries, we're scaling and exploring new markets and solutions to help end the global water crisis.” This means that they are helping people get safe water in which they don’t drink contaminated water with no nutrients, sanitation in which can help to decrease disease, and helping end the global water crisis. And because celebrities support their causes, Matt Damon, who supports the cause of Water.org, will go to great lengths to realize their goals.

Matt Damon is an actor who is renowned for his movies such as The Martian, Jason Bourne, and Good Will Hunting.(Rotten Tomatoes). Matt Damon has been a part of Water.org since he started the organization back in 2009. He founded this organization for the purpose of providing safe water and sanitation through affordable financing with small loans. He was influenced into creating the organization because, according to Water.org, he “witnessed what life was like for a community living in the global water crisis. While filming a movie in Sub-Saharan Africa, Matt spent time with families in a Zambian village. They lacked access to water and toilets. Matt’s exposure to their daily lives inspired a commitment to helping solve the global water crisis. In 2006 he founded H20 Africa Foundation to raise awareness about safe water initiatives on the continent.” His popularity and celebrity status are a blessing for Water.org because he draws major attention to this global crisis and his fans and even normal people are willing to listen and see why the global water crisis is worth ending because of the public service announcements that he has been in.

The public service announcement being analyzed in this essay is “The Power of Water.” The public service announcement “The Power of Water” uses various persuasive strategies to get the average viewer to donate for a good cause. Water.org uses persuasive strategies such the 15 Basic Appeals, impact of the colors used, and the words and phrases used to employ pathos towards the people in need. Water.org uses Basic Appeal #4 of the 15 Basic Appeals, need for guidance, because Matt Damon is someone with millions of fans and his fans are willing to hear him out when he speaks about certain topics just like the global water crisis. People who revere him and his craft are capable of being influenced by him. Basic Appeal #12, need to feel safe, is being used to make people feel the need to help those in other countries who aren’t safe because they don’t have safe water and sanitation which causes diseases and kills numerous amounts of people worldwide. The colors of the organization's logo are different shades of blue relates to water. Not only that, but light blue is associated with health and healing. People require water to maintain their health and are able to heal from diseases. Dark blue is associated with seriousness and that means that the global water crisis that Water.org is facing is a serious issue which needs to be dealt with. Water.org also uses words and phrases in the public service announcement to employ pathos for those people in need of safe water and sanitation. One phrase which really stands out to a viewer of the public service announcement “The Power of Water” is “And too many die, over 4,000 kids every day.”(Water.org) This is significant because this goes to show how big of a problem the global water crisis is and it is meant to invoke pathos because a lot of kids are dying everyday to a problem which can be ended as long as the effort is put in to provide safe water and sanitation.

Matt Damon has a positive and effective impact on the organization Water.org because he actually believes in what he’s doing so he doesn’t overshadow the organization when he’s doing a public service announcement. In the PSA “The Power of Water,” he shows up only once and is instead narrating throughout the public service announcement. Since he is also the founder of Water.org, it shows that he’s not in it for the money, he just believes in the cause of ending the global water crisis. Not only that but the numbers show that he has been effective in the means of providing safe and improved sanitation to people around the world because, as stated in Water.org, they have empowered over 25 million people with safe water and improved sanitation.

There are according to worldvision.org, “844 million people lack basic drinking water access, more than 1 of every 10 people on the planet.”(Worldvision.org). This means that 844 million people lack access to the most important basic natural resource. As stated previously, 1 million people die every year because of diseases which are caused by the lack of clean, drinkable water. Not only that but according to Water.org, 2 billion people are living in a situation where they don’t have access to improved sanitation. This is insane because sometimes those more fortunate forget about the fact that they are wasting water while there are those in places around the world that don’t even have access to safe water.

Overall, being able to end the global water crisis is a difficult but achievable goal. I chose this cause because I believe that everyone has the right to safe water and improved sanitation and to be able to live a life that is better than a disease-filled one. It is vital that everyone should have the ability because we are all equal and we all live and share the same earth. I think it is possible to help the situation by donating more money to organizations like Water.org who are reliable and will show transparency when dealing with statistics and reports they have to do. Since we all live and share the same earth tell me why should others be more privileged in comparison to other people?

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