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Water Should be Free Essay

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It is true that water is considered as a natural resource that has been gifted for the whole human being.

Therefore , it is argued that authorities should prohibit the selling of processed water in bottle. In my opinion, I totally disagree with the aforementioned assertion for relevant reasons. There are several reasons why it's very crucial to maintain the selling of bottled water for the whole society members. One key reason is that processed water is considered much cleaner than tap water , for instance , water in bottles is transparent like crystals, while tap water contains brown colour as a result of mixing with muds which contains lots of germs. The reason behind the high quality of bottled water is due to the chemical treatment that purify water from all muds and germs. Another relevant point , factories that make this kind of water provide a wide range of job opportunities, thus it helps a lot of employees to get enough salaries to satisfy their basic survival needs and to finance their expenses. If the government banned this kind of industry, a lot of factories would shut down and a considerable number of workers would lose their jobs.

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Consequently , the rate of unemployment would increase in addition to frequency of criminal activities , as people tend to steal money to get their basic needs. Furthermore , several governments , especially in developing countries, are unable to supply an adequate amount of water to the increasing population. Therefore , people can satisfy their demand of water through purchasing those bottles of processed water .

In addition , bottled water does bring people a lot of convenience, as people can take bottles of water with them to work and travel, then use it almost whenever or wherever they wanted. Besides , there are numerous individuals tend to use their own water rather than using public facilities such as drinking fountains because this approach of getting water keeps them safe and away from being infected with harmful micro-organisms.Also , there are many patients who are prohibited to drink tap water due to health problems.

For example , patients with previously treated for renal cancer satisfy their thirst by drinking bottled water as they are completely sterilized and free from carcinogenic predisposing factors. In conclusion, it seems that bottled water seems to have multiple crucial benefits, I therefore believe that government should not ban the selling of these water.

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