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Persuasive Essay on the Dangers of Teenage Speeding

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Before they know it, their life could be flashing before their own eyes. Speeding isn’t the way to go. There are multiple crashes a year involving teens, some can be fatal. 32/100 of fatal crashes involve teen drivers. Speeding for teenagers is bad, it not only puts you in danger but also others.

Around the world, teens are dying from speeding and crashing into objects such as cars, trees, and other things. Kids sometimes do it to look cool in front of their friends, and in some cases, it involves alcohol or other dangerous substances. Teens are going way over the speed limit, they could be going 50 in a 30. In a recent accident, there were 3 teenagers in the car. They took a corner too quickly and hit a tree, the crash killed 2 and left one in the hospital. Teens can be injured and their life can be ruined fast. Speeding can put people in a wheelchair, take teens out of sports, or people can be paralyzed for the rest of their lives.

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Teens are in danger and are putting others in danger. When teens are speeding, they can easily lose control of the wheel or they can’t stop in time and rear-end someone. Cars and houses have been destroyed by reckless driving. Crash counts can double from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. If teens knew the number of deaths and accidents that happen daily from speeding, it could reduce the amount of speeding. Teens who just get their licenses have the highest crash rate. One-third of crashes that were fatal involved speeding. Teens are mainly caught in daylight, some may get caught at night, but it’s harder. During the day there are people out, and about which is more dangerous.

Considering all the dangers associated with speeding by teenagers, teens should be monitored and should have a restriction on their cars. It is necessary to develop a technology that detects the speed limit and won’t let someone go higher than that. If there was a way to go higher, maybe only by 5, but not by 20, it would and could save lives. Cars shouldn’t be allowed to go over 85. The highest speed limit is 85 and that speed limit is in Texas. The only cars that should be able to go higher than that are race cars. Race cars aren’t allowed on the streets, so, therefore, it would reduce the number of speeding incidents. Cars also shouldn’t be able to be modified into something big and fast. The only cars that should have that advantage are police, medical, or firefighters. They are the real ones that need to speed to get somewhere, they have to save lives, and they have to be the ones to pull up on the scene of the teenager that was speeding that crashed their car into the tree.

The amount of speeding needs to abate. There are too many deaths and injuries from it. The government needs to conjure a better system to know if things are out of hand. We need to do something about it now. Over the past couple of years, we haven’t done something about it, and it’s getting out of hand. Teens are losing their lives, and if they die from a car crash, they don’t get to live their future. Teens that sped don’t get to have a family, get married, or die old. Again, don’t speed because you can ruin your chance of having a normal life and the way you get to live it. Also, if you die, you put a big hole in people’s hearts, and it takes a long time for that to heal. Don’t do that to people and your family.

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