Police Brutality and Riots in Los Angeles

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According to Henry Jenkins it saud: “I recalled that the LA Riots were not only about conflicts between angry blacks and the LAPD but had also revealed other conflicts within and between the multiracial groups inhabiting South Central”.

Protests in Los Angeles have caused the city to revisit its legacy of racial problems arising from police brutality. Underfunding the police, and here you are building a new police office, I think there had to be a change in culture among some of our officers to truly realize what we were doing. At the same time, the US expects decades of racial discrimination to become a well-disciplined force that controlled crime by violent and proactive tactics. It fueled the conflict between black residents and the LAPD by rioting and once again burning black neighbourhoods.

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The tension exploded with the beating of Rodney King and the subsequent acquittement of the officers responsible for the white privilege of justice. The focus was on police brutality, Black mass incarceration. The LAPD and the African Americans of Los Angeles exploded of conflict. The outrage broken over after LAPD officers were found not guilty of attacking the King, which culminated in the generations of pain and frustration, which have not been bottled up for many days of widespread abuse, plundering and arson throughout LA.

The riots confirm that The LAPD had been riddled with bias and partiality, and had a distorted perspective on residents and an inflammatory mentality amongst the police. Los Angeles' oppressed black community had finally suffered enough.

“For example, there was growing resentment in the Black community against the Koreans, Vietnamese, and other Asian immigrants who had bought local businesses that some thought should be under African-American ownership”. During protests, which had trouble managing local police forces due to lack of people and resource, widespread looting, attack and explosive events took place. For years racial tensions were burning among these communities. Many Black people had been angry because Korean shop owners had regularly felt disrespected and embarrassed. Neither group fully grasped the extent or the sheer magnitude of cultural gaps and cultural differences that further fueled tensions. The light sentence raised the friction with Korean immigrants, accused for several years in their own spirits of unfairly handling Black clients.I believe this loss went beyond physical and financial loss for the Korean local community; it was their American dream that shattered.

And eventually, LAPD grievances were taken seriously. A committee formed to examine the effects of its activities condemned the extensive use of excessive force of officers and the failure on the part of the high management to intervene properly. But the problem still existing today in US.

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