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As an administration of justice major at CSM, a topic that interest me was one of the biggest cases of police brutality that has ever happened in the United States and how an event like this will affect the whole nation not just the city where the event took place. People of the United States are outraged over police brutality and police shootings in today’s society. As of today, police misuse has gone to the consideration of the overall population....
3 Pages 1358 Words
As a young girl, I was raised in a predominantly black, latino, pacific islander neighborhood in the Bay Area. Growing up in what most people from the community and outside called the “hood,' always left a unsettling taste in my mouth because I understood at a young age that being from the hood was a lifelong fight for survival. Living in the hood, meant survival and one of the threats was the “ops” or the police. Police sirens, and the...
8 Pages 3689 Words
American police brutality and use of excessive force in the 1990s was a major problem, primarily because of the racial prejudice that has come with it. By definition, excessive force refers to force in excess of what a police officer reasonably believes is necessary (Legal Information Institute). Officers of the law would attempt to justify these immoral actions by claiming that they might have feared for their safety or something of the sort. It has occurred many times throughout the...
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The United States at large was prospering in the decade of the 1990’s. This era had a strong economy growth, a boost in job creation, and a booming stock market. The unemployment rate dropped from eight percent in 1992 to four percent at the end of the decade (Census Gov). The average American household income increased by nearly ten percent (Census Gov). Not only did The United States take a huge step forward economically and socially, but they also took...
4 Pages 1644 Words
In 1992, Los Angeles City experienced one of the worst citizen disturbances, riots. After the Civil Rights Movement many riots exploded in Los Angeles due to police-community relations. After the end of the Civil Rights Movement tension between the African-American, Latin, and Korean communities and the Police force simmered in American cities all across the country because many kept experiencing police brutality in their communities. The 1980’s brought much more tension to the problem, Ronald Reagan economic policies initially proved...
1 Page 527 Words
According to Henry Jenkins it saud: “I recalled that the LA Riots were not only about conflicts between angry blacks and the LAPD but had also revealed other conflicts within and between the multiracial groups inhabiting South Central”. Protests in Los Angeles have caused the city to revisit its legacy of racial problems arising from police brutality. Underfunding the police, and here you are building a new police office, I think there had to be a change in culture among...
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As an administration of justice major I have had to analyze a long list of potential police brutality videos in order to determine whether or not the officers used a justified amount of force to stop what they perceived to be a threat. The beatings and killings of African American individuals are definitely something we are all aware of, which is why I chose this topic; I plan on becoming a police officer in the future. Police brutality gained recognition...
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