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How Can Serial Killers Be Infectious?

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Do you see the effect a Serial Killer on your life? I believe that a psychopath serial killer can kill you without even touching you because it has a huge effect on society today. Many ways they affect us but mainly they cause more violence, Federal investigations, and the Government has assistance for those who have been impacted by the killer. It has been proven that because of their horrific crimes it has infected society also and not just the victims. We might not see it but things are slowly changing but surely.

Violence is something that is so common now that it is expected upon citizens in today society. One of the factors to violence is guns which are a topic that is very hot in the news today. Being exposed to gun violence can have a deep impact on kids, including aggression, insomnia, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress (Chin paragraph 2). 1.7 million Children live with unlocked, loaded guns - 1 out of 3 homes with kids have guns (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute bullet 2). There are more than 393 million guns in circulation in the United States — approximately 120.5 guns for every 100 people (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute bullet 1). When it comes to the number of gun-related homicides, the U.S. ranks 30th worldwide.

Those people that die from accidental shootings were more than three times as likely to have had a firearm in their home as those in the control group. In today’s society, it is now common for more people to die by unnatural causes that it is almost expected by law enforcement. Put it another way, guns alone accounted for nearly 98 percent of the observed murder rate increase between 2014 and 2016 (Christopher Ingram 7th paragraph). All told, in 2016 gun homicides made up 74.5 percent of all homicides in the United States - the highest share in well over 80 years of complete federal data. Most of the places that we go to today are considered very dangerous because of the number of homicides that occur.

Riots are the culmination of these underlying issues. They might be catalyzed by one particular cause — such as a police shooting — but they are also the result of long-held waves of anger — broader police abuse, residential segregation, economic inequality, and racial tensions, generally, in America. The 2005 French riots surrounding Paris led to deaths, injuries, car burnings, and arrests. Throughout the years America has had many riots that influence the world today for the greater good or bad. Mainly the riots have resulted in many deaths and arrests of other people and some of them were influential that has been marked in our history books. The amount of riots has increased the death rate by 20% in the past decade because of the number of people that have been hurt during the process.

19% of all male inmates in US prisons say they’ve been physically assaulted by other inmates. The number of assaults has been on the rise and the ones that have been deadly caused a lot of uproar in the communities. Rape, sexual assault, personal robbery, or assault. This category includes both attempted and completed crimes. It does not include purse snatching and pocket picking. Murder is not measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey because of an inability to question the victim stated by the BJS (Bureau of Justice Statistics). The last study released by the Department of Justice, in 2001, found that the rate of inmate-on-inmate assaults was 38 percent higher at private prisons than at public prisons

Violent crime in the United States refers to murder, rape, and sexual assault, robbery, and assault. Violent crime in the United States has fallen over the last two decades, however, the number of reported violent crimes has risen slightly in the past few years. Among the various types of violent crime reported in the United States, aggravated assault is the most common. In 2017, the crime rate (the number of reported instances per 100,000 inhabitants) was 248.9 for aggravated assault, making a considerable contribution to the overall violent crime rate of 382.9. It is important to note that violent crime rates may not always be precise as crimes that remain unreported can often skew rates meaning it can generally be assumed that instances of crime are more prevalent than reported crime statistics suggest ( Statista paragraph 1). Crimes committed involving guns have also decreased in the United States. However, the number of robberies involving a firearm still accounts for a large proportion of the total figure. Many U.S. citizens are unaware of the drop in violent crimes being associated with a decrease in the accessibility of firearms. Gun ownership in the United States remains the highest in the developed world ( Statista paragraph 5).

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Searching for the victims is a process that is the most difficult but is like picking up hairs carefully. The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program of the FBI collects supplementary homicide data that provides information regarding the age, sex, and race of the murder victim and offender; the type of weapon used; the relationship of the victim to the offender; and the circumstance surrounding the incident. Technology catches up with evidence collected at a time when, for instance, DNA perhaps didn’t exist, and years later can include or exclude a suspect from an investigation. Perhaps even more importantly, over the course of time, friendships and relationships end, loyalties change and consciences grow.

The property owner bears the ultimate responsibility for crime scene cleanup. In some cases, that responsibility may be shared by a property owner and a tenant, depending on the facts surrounding the crime. A fairly widespread misconception about crime scene cleanup is that law enforcement or some other governmental agency undertakes this task on behalf of a homeowner as part of their overall area of service (Ecobear Biohazard Cleaning Company paragraph 2). This is not true. The cleaning up process takes time to actually clean up the body properly. However, the responsibility is for the homeowner because the state is only responsible for making sure the area is clean, but not paying for it to be cleaned. It is a hidden fact that most people do not know and should be aware of because the company prices vary.

After crimes, the guilty are being held accountable for their actions that are why trials occur later on in life. All victims’ rights laws give victims the right to attend trial proceedings (but see the exception just below). Some laws also allow victims to attend any hearing in the same prosecution process at which the defendant has the right to be present, such as evidentiary hearings and plea hearings. In some states, victims also have the right to have an advocate or support person with them during court proceedings. Among those who viewed the victim impact evidence, 62.5% said they would impose a death sentence on the offender, while only 17.5% of those who did not view this evidence would not have done the same.

About 20 states and the federal government have passed legislation that requires DNA collection upon arrest. In cases where a suspect is not known, biological evidence from the crime scene can be analyzed and compared to offender profiles contained in existing DNA Databases to assist in identifying the perpetrator. Most of the time that is why those who are in law enforcement take your fingerprints to put into the database. The database will be able to identify the perpetrator if their fingerprints were to show up at the crime scene.

Medical insurance is another way a serial killer affects the society that you would think it is impossible for them to do. The state pays for the victim medical bills and all the other medical expenses. Based upon eligibility and the individual needs of the crime victim, DCVC ( Department of Crime Victim Compensation) is authorized to provide up to a total of $15,000 for medical and dental services with proper documentation( Department of Crime Victim Compensation paragraph 4). Crime victim compensation is a government program that provides financial assistance to victims of violent crimes and their families. Every state has a crime victim compensation program, though benefits, eligibility, and application vary by state. Most people find this government assistance program to be helpful and weightlifting.

As you can see that the amount of lives impacted by the crimes of a serial killer can have an affect on everyone including you and me. Whenever a crime is committed the highest authority will be involved, federal investigations will occur, and the government will have assistance available for victims. Our society is suffering from their mistakes everyday and you might not realize it until you are older. Believe it or not but that same serial killer that is now in jail is slowly killing you and you don’t even feel the pain of dying.

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