The Peculiarities Of Luis Alfredo Garavito As A Serial Killer

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Table of contents

  1. The Beasts’ Childhood
  2. When He Started
  3. How Did He Kill Them
  4. Trial
  6. Works Cited

The definition of a serial killer is a person who commits a series of murders, usually without motive, who has a distinct pattern in which their victims relate to each other in some way or another, and in order to begin, one must first learn some basic facts about serial killers. Most serial killers only kill for their own enjoyment or for financial gain and the most common way is through shooting their victims or strangling them. The gender split for victims is about 50/50, with predominantly young, white victims. Most serial killers in the United States are under the age of thirty and have a decent intelligence quotient. Some serial killers break the norm though. With people like Richard Ramirez, who once electrocuted a woman to death, and Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered and dismembered many men and young boys. There are many more terrifying and horrible serial killers around the world, but there is one particular person that many people around Columbia find to be the most horrifically insane and murderous, Luis Alfredo Gravito.

Luis Alfredo Garavito is often referred to as “La Bestia,” meaning “The Beast” in spanish. This psychopathic man is responsible for numerous gruesome and horrific deaths, and those are just the victims that were confirmed. No one really knows how many he has murdered or how gruesome and gory the kills have ever gotten. He is one more reason why people should always try to be around their kids and watch them closely, kids are very weak and easy to overtake. That is why most serial killers go for kids, because they themselves are too weak to overtake a grown man let alone strangle or torture them. What's really scary is that a lot of them do not feel any remorse for what they did, and they are always thinking about their next victim.

The Beasts’ Childhood

Luis Garavito was born in Genova, Quindío, Columbia on January 25, 1957. Being the oldest of seven brothers, Luis and his siblings were often abused by their alcoholic father, Manuel Antonio Garavtio and his neighbours. Manuel would do unspeakable things to Luis and his brothers, he would beat them senseless and would sexually assault and rape them. Luis eventually ran away at the age of 16, having never finished school, and had a girlfriend named Teresa. They had a child together and reportedly Luis was very fond of and nice to their child. His friends even stated that he was “a kind man with a volcanic temper.” He moved looking for work many times and each time he had been drinking and behaving violently. Luis soon became an alcoholic just like his dad and even attempted suicide before being sent to psychiatric care and was diagnosed with a personlatily disorder.

When He Started

He supposedly started killing in 1992 by luring kids, ages six to sixteen, with promises of small gifts, money, or work. He even dressed up in many different outfits as to not cause any sort of suspicion. These outfits include a farmer, drug dealer, and an old man. Where his victims lived was spread throughout Columbia and they were usually orphans or children whose families couldn’t financially support them and kicked them out on the street. Since he preyed on these boys who were essentially abandoned, he got away with many murders due to the fact that the boys would not be missed or searched for so their disappearances were ignored by everyone.

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How Did He Kill Them

He first walked with them after they began to trust him, once they were tired it made them easier to handle and he took them to where he killed them.The way in which he chose to murder his victims varies from just killing, to strangling and mutilating and sometimes he even decaptitated them. He would always rape and sexually assault his victims, it didn’t matter if they were dead or still alive. He even sliced of their penises and shoved them in their own mouths. He was arrested in 1999, and confessed to murdering 140 boys aged from eight to sixteen and told the authorities where he had hidden the slaughtered boys. They ended up finding mass graves where he had dumped the bodies and mutilated them. The bodies had bite marks all over them and they found liquor and lube at the crime scenes.


He was found guilty of the murders of 189 boys in Columbia and was sentenced to 835 years in prison, even with Colombia's policy that prohibited a life sentence. No one really knows how many Garavito has killed, but there are 138-192 confirmed kills. His murder spree could have exceeded 300-400 victims all around Columbia in 54 towns, but most of them took place near Pereira and around where he grew up. He is still alive today and he is still the world's worst child serial killer, and for good reason.


I now have the insight to what the world’s worst child serial killer likes to do. He likes to mutilate, torture, and murder. Serial killers have the strangest mindsets, in that they somehow love the feeling of strangling and murdering people and they just repeatedly do it so much and sometimes have little to no remorse. I read about this man until I couldn’t any more because the details of his killings get extremely graphic and just hearing about children getting mutilated and buried in shallow graves is highly disgusting and revolting. I know now that many parents lose their loved ones, and sometimes never even know it.

The sheer thought of losing immediate family is scary even though it will happen to everybody. Garavito took what was not his and what isn’t anybody’s to decide over, which is if someone should die or not. This man’s mentality was very peculiar because he seemed to show remorse in a video of him confessing, but somehow he did not have remorse because if he did, he wouldn’t have done what he did and not nearly how many times he did.

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