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How Philippine Culture Contributes To Rape Culture

In order to start the conversation of evidence of rape culture in the Philippines, the term “rape culture” must be defined first. According to Ann Burnett’s paper on Rape Culture, rape culture exists when rape, or sexual assault, is normalized in society. The term rape culture originated in the 1970s during the second wave feminist movement. Dianne Herman (1984) stated that rape will continue to be pervasive as long as sexual violence and male dominance are glamorized. With the definition...
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Rape Culture: When Sexual Violence Against Women Is Normalized And Excused

Since 1998, the estimated number of women sexually assaulted in the United States is a staggering 17,700,000. The percentage of alleged perpetrators that have walked free is even more alarming at 99%. Why are these numbers so incredibly high? What is causing this problem? Unfortunately, modern-day society has normalized sexual assault and rape on innocent victims through media and popular culture, and oftentimes even making excuses for the perpetrator. Because of this, society has developed a rape culture. Rape culture...
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Rape Culture Is Not A Myth, It Is Real And Dangerous

By definition, “rape culture” is an environment and sociological concept that rape is not only pervasive but also trivialized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality shaped by customs and stereotypes formed by society (Waweru Nduta, 2018). Although the term was generated recently, this horrendous pattern of ignorance reflects on an already existing custom that dates back to medieval times. Rape culture is present in our nation like cutlery in a house and has intensely increased over the years....
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Rape Culture and Victim Blaming Behaviour: Opinion Essay

I hope you’re sitting comfortably now, because I am here to make you feel uncomfortable. I’m going to start with a story of a 15-year-old girl… It was a nightmare before Christmas. A car filled with men- 2 of whom she knew- pulled over beside Leia who was walking alone to a party. They offered a ride, she agreed, and she climbed into the vehicle where she was seated between two strangers. As they drove, instead of arriving at the...
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Sexism, Feminism And Rape Culture

A very warm good morning to everyone present here. I am Suchita Patil and my hobbies include reading books, destroying patriarchy and crushing misogyny. I am sure by now you all have realized that I am going to be talking about gender discrimination. To be specific, my topic is Sexism, Feminism and Rape Culture. Sexism is the discrimination or oppression faced by someone due to their sex or gender. It can affect anyone, but let’s be honest, it’s usually women...
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Rape Culture As A Real Modern Issue

For a moment, think about the six most important women in your life. One of six women throughout their lifetime will be raped. That could be one of the six most important women in your life. Rape and sexual harassment are issues which are growing in our society and we are only accomplices to rape if we are not part of the solution. Why do some people think rape is okay? Here’s why. The media. The media projects this idea...
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The Threat Of Rape Culture And Possible Solutions

Some say a teenage mistake shouldn’t follow the offender for the rest of their life. However, when it comes to assault and rape, the victim will pay the price for the rest of her life. Many survivors of sexual assault don’t report their assault because they fear rape culture’s repercussions. Rape culture is when a society normalizes sexual assault which leads to victims don’t always report their sexual assault and therefore consequently the rapist gets away with their crimes, in...
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Rape Culture And Supporting Violence Against Women

Before feminism in the 19th century, society holds an old concept of gender inequality and gender roles; they did not respect the marginalized groups such as women and other racial groups. Men, in general, considered women as property. Sadly, over the years, even after the emergence of feminism—where people are now actively doing something to promote rights equality in all the concept persists; women are still objectified. U.S. feminists coined the term ‘rape culture’ for the first time in the...
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What Is Rape Culture?

It’s a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. Many people think that rape happens when a random woman is attacked by a stranger that has been watching her or it can be someone she knows, someone she has befriended but that’s not the only way it happens. Rape Culture is such a big thing and many people are pushing it away and not realizing how much...
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Reflection on Rape Culture: Opinion Essay

I personally am against the term rape culture, since it validates and normalizes rape which is wrong and must not be promoted. Rape exists and happens a lot however, nowadays people are falsely making accusations, makes it difficult to identify between the victims and the rapist, therefore, it is important to identify the factual data to make accurate judgements. Celebrities and different brands that are using sexual assault to market their products, which is wrong, such as a Guardian Angel...
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How Rape Culture Contributes To The Prevalence Of Rape

Rape culture is the normalization of violent sexual acts and abuse. Without even realizing it, this society has turned into ones of prey and predator. Wild animals on the loose looking for release within its prey. All around people find themselves to be shocked and disgusted by the existence of rape, when they themselves, unknowingly, foster acts of rape. Rape culture has somehow slipped its way into our ways of existing, making it harder and harder to escape these tormenting...
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Rape Culture In Australian Society

By definition, rape culture is an environment in which rape is not only pervasive but also trivialised due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality shaped by customs and stereotypes formed by society (Waweru Nduta, 2018). Although the term was generated recently, this horrendous pattern of ignorance reflects on an already existing custom that dates back to medieval time. Rape culture is present in our nation like cutlery in a house and has intensely increased over the years. Reports of...
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It Is Not A Joke: The Normalization Of Rape Culture

Rape is a very sensitive topic that has a lot of meaning behind it. The definition of rape online is “ unlawful sexual activity and usually, sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception.” (Merriam-Webster). Unfortunately, the only people who are aware of rape are those whose loved ones...
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What’s Happening With Rape Culture?

If you got asked about rape culture would you say it’s just delusional feminists that have made it up or a serious topic that needs to be spoken about? Rape culture is a way of people normalising rape due to different reasons such as gender, sexuality and more. This topic has become quite the debate, especially on social media mainly after the #metoo movement which was started on twitter it was designed for sexual assault victims to speak out about...
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Fairness And Justice For Victims Of Rape Culture

Picture a society that doesn’t believe in rape culture, they don’t joke about serious issues such as sexual assault, they don’t use misogynistic language and objectify a women’s body, they don’t glamorize the idea of sexual violence, they don’t disregard a women’s rights and their safety, they don’t refuse to acknowledge the harm caused by sexual violence and they don’t trivialize rape. I have a strong belief in fairness and justice for those victims of rape culture. Rape culture perpetuates...
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The Faulty Logic Of Rape Culture

A student employee attending Occidental College, ‘drove an alleged rape victim who was bleeding vaginally to a hospital’s sexual assault reporting center’ (Testa). While the employee was initially commended by her peers and superiors, several days later, ‘she was told by two deans that they saw her actions ‘as an attack’ on her department…’ (Testa). This represents an aspect of rape culture. It is a societal issue in which victims are blamed for the crimes committed against them, and the...
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The Peculiarities Of Rape Culture In India

ABSTRACT This paper aims at analyzing the problem of rape culture in India from various perspectives and discussing the reforms needed to curb it. Though many legislative amendments have been made with the intention of giving justice to rape victims, there has been limited effort to study the cause of the crime or to eradicate it from its roots. There is a desperate need to gain a fresh perspective, especially after the disturbing events that occurred in the city of...
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The Correlation Of Pornography And Rape Culture

As society keeps changing drastically, so does the evolution of pornography and rape culture. Pornography itself has had many changes throughout time which has had lead to increase one of the most common crisis interventions that a victim can go through rape culture and psychological addiction on the pornography consumers. Pornography in many ways contributes to the rape culture and the impacts rapists as well as victims. Porn is erotic behavior that many times are portrayed in pictures or writing...
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Rape Culture: Why Might the Definition of Rape as Absence of Consent be Problematic

1. Introduction This paper will argue that the concept of consent, as a centre piece to the legal definition of rape, is too problematic to act as a moral and legal pivot-point regarding sexual interactions. I shall argue that it should be replaced by a more comprehensive concept. In section 2, I shall: (a) highlight problems with consent, documented by (among others) Michelle J. Anderson, in her work ‘Negotiating Sex’; and (b) argue that using consent as such a pivotal...
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Essence of Rape Culture: Is It Ethical to Blame the Victims

With rape myth acceptance society allows the act of rape to be decriminalized. “Rape myths are a specific set of attitudes and beliefs that may contribute to ongoing sexual violence by shifting blame for sexual assault from perpetrators to victims.”(Iconis, 2008) Society does not comprehend what it means for a woman to be raped. Instead of empathizing with the victim, rape myths were concocted to put the blame on her. Tolerating this shift of blame to occur only builds the...
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Damaging Perception of Rape Culture: Analytical Essay

Slut. Whore. Tramp. In a society where men benefit from women being hostile to one another, these three words become almost as valuable as gold. In a patriarchal society where there is a war against women, misogyny is expected to run deep. However, it has become so entrenched among humankind that women have begun to turn on one another, whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally through the use of microaggressions. Through this exact phenomenon of internalized misogyny, women continue...
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Advertising In Marketing And Rape Culture

Marketing is an activity that is created to plan products and services, make decisions on price and distribution strategies and communicate persuasive messages to target groups identified. Communication is the process of creating a sense of oneness or commonality between the sender and receiver. In the context of marketing, communication focusses more on the outcome than the process. Marketing communications is part of a broad, overall marketing mix. An integral part of this marketing mix is advertising. Advertising can be...
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The Factors Of Rape Culture In Modern Society

Rapists are usually the very clear choice as to the person to blame in rape cases. If this is a common thing then why is it said that often times it is the girls fault. If she wasn’t at the party, if she didn’t drink so much, if her clothes weren’t so revealing and if she would have just been smarter than nothing would have happened to her. These are many time peoples responses when talking about rape cases along...
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The Role Media Plays In Perpetuating Rape Culture

In May 2019, a video of an incident which took place at a restaurant in Gurgaon, India went viral on Facebook. In that video, a middle -aged woman was seen harassing a group of young girls and slut-shaming one of them because she was wearing a short skirt. The victim also stated that, the woman was asking the men present at the restaurant to rape her as she deserved that because of her ‘inappropriate’ clothing. This incident is a small...
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How We Encourage And Normalise Rape Culture In Our Society

Raped and killed at 17, walking through a park. Molested since the age of 5 by a family friend. Brutally beaten, raped and killed at 21, walking home from a Melbourne comedy club. Sexually harassed by co-workers every day. Raped with a metal rod and left on the side of the road. Raped at 14 and left outside in below freezing temperatures, where her hair froze to the ground. Raped at 19 and the judge asked why she didn’t just...
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