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What’s Happening With Rape Culture?

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If you got asked about rape culture would you say it's just delusional feminists that have made it up or a serious topic that needs to be spoken about? Rape culture is a way of people normalising rape due to different reasons such as gender, sexuality and more. This topic has become quite the debate, especially on social media mainly after the #metoo movement which was started on twitter it was designed for sexual assault victims to speak out about their experiences and the way they were treated.

There have been multiple court cases where the assault victims underwear has been held up as evidence as a reason for the victim to have been raped or sexually assaulted. There was a case that blew up on the news recently about the female that was raped and her lace front thong was held up in front of a jury to prove that she was wanting it. Soon after that article was written another old case started being spoken about more often because the girl that's underwear was shown at court had committed suicide due to embarrassment. “The mother of a girl who killed herself after being forced to hold up her underwear in court has added her voice to a campaign against victim blaming.” This was a heading for the newspaper the metro the rest of the article goes on to explain how there’s still far too much victim blaming going on and not enough rapist blaming.

Those that don’t believe that rape culture either exists or is a big deal believe the span is too broad as too what is classed as rape for example the Irish Times had an article called “Flawed notion of ‘rape culture’ is lacking in logic” apart of this article there is a part explaining how they feel too much is classed as rape by comparing it to murder “‘Rape culture’, as a philosophical construct, simply doesn’t make sense. The span is too broad to be useful. Would we talk about ‘murder culture’, with nipping or pinching at one end of the scale, and homicide at the other end?”

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There have been many different campaigns for when it comes to rape like the #metoo movement but there has also been the #thisisnotconsent movement where females go out to different places in their underwear to show that no matter what they are wearing they still didn’t say yes. The females walk through mostly the town in whatever it is they’re wearing with the words “this is not consent” written on different parts of their body. The “still not asking for it campaign” is where females, males and even some children stand for pictures topless or in vests the topless women cover up with tape they stand or sit with signs saying “still not asking for it” to show that no matter how someone looks or is dressed or even their gender and age does not mean they are asking to be assaulted or raped. The #RedMyLips campaign is aimed at sparking conversation about the plight of sexual violence against women.

In Brussels, there is now a museum that has a display of clothes that rape victims were wearing when it happened, from different ages and genders. Liesbeth Kennes told VRT1 Radio 'There is even a children's shirt with an image of 'My Little Pony' in the exhibition, which brings home a harsh reality' this shows that it’s definitely not just through wearing clothes that may show too much it’s about what’s going on in people’s heads. Rapists don’t care on what age the victims are. There are signs beside the clothes of what the victims responses as to being asked what they where wearing talking about how it has affected their favourite colour because they wore a top that colour when it tragically happened.

There needs to be a stop put towards glorifying rape because of what the victim is wearing, how much they have drank and even what their gender is. There is no right reason to rape or sexually assault someone because there’s never an excuse to do it never mind having a right reason to do so. Instead of just movements and campaigns there should be a more demanding way to put a stop to letting people away with rape to start with no more holding underwear up in court, no more saying people deserved what happened because they were drunk, no more saying it was to do with what someone was wearing. But definitely no more saying it was their gender that caused it to happen. To make it even better start blaming the rapist and assaulter, start seeing what made the rapist do it, what was going through their head to find out why they thought what they were doing was the right thing.

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