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Rape: Reasons, Impacts And Preventions

Rape is known as a type of sexual assault which involves sexual intercourse or different structures of sexual infiltration carried out with a person without their assent. The action may be carried out by using physical force,coercion, Maltreatment of power or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious,incapacitated,or even someone who is has scholarly inability or the specific individual is below the legal age. The term rape is similarly known as...
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Rape And Sexual Assault On Campus: Reasons And Prevalence

How much do you weigh? What were you wearing? Did you drink in college? Are you sexually active? Do you have a history of cheating? How many times did you black out? On trial, these were some of the questions directed towards Emily Doe (pseudonym), a Stanford graduate victim of sexual assault who was found unconscious behind a dumpster, hair dishevelled, naked from the top down on January 17th 2015 and who had learnt of the grim details of her...
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Essay on Zeus: Understanding Rape In Ancient Greece

With the third wave of feminism and the inception of the #metoo movement the topic of rape, has been renewed in vigor in public conversation and discussion. Many contemporary artists have taken an active part in this renewed discussion; using their platform of artistic work to offer their own opinions on the matter, oftentimes forged of their own personal struggles with sexual assault. Yet while this movement of feminist art is a relatively recent occurrence, the long-subdued topic of rape...
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Marital Rape in India and Why It Should Be Criminalized: An Essay

Rape is a heinous act of sexual intercourse committed against any natural person forcefully without the consent of such person against whom it is committed. Rape has been contained within the ambit of sexual assault, which also includes acts that fail to be regarded as intercourse, by several regimes. For a long duration of time rape was contemplated to be caused by rampant sexual impulse, however now it is considered as a pathological contention of power over a victim. Section...
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Rape & Domestic Violence Service In Australia

Rape & Domestic Violence Service Australia is a non-government and non-profit human service organization. R&DVSA currently employs qualified psychologist, social workers and counselling professionals Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia was originally established as Sydney Rape Crisis Centre with funding from the Whitlam government in 1974, and celebrated its 40th Anniversary on 28 October 2014. (, 2019). Domestic violence and sexual assault can bring significant negative influences on both mental health and physical harm to victims, and they can be...
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The Faulty Logic Of Rape Culture

A student employee attending Occidental College, ‘drove an alleged rape victim who was bleeding vaginally to a hospital’s sexual assault reporting center’ (Testa). While the employee was initially commended by her peers and superiors, several days later, ‘she was told by two deans that they saw her actions ‘as an attack’ on her department…’ (Testa). This represents an aspect of rape culture. It is a societal issue in which victims are blamed for the crimes committed against them, and the...
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The Correlation Of Pornography And Rape Culture

As society keeps changing drastically, so does the evolution of pornography and rape culture. Pornography itself has had many changes throughout time which has had lead to increase one of the most common crisis interventions that a victim can go through rape culture and psychological addiction on the pornography consumers. Pornography in many ways contributes to the rape culture and the impacts rapists as well as victims. Porn is erotic behavior that many times are portrayed in pictures or writing...
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How Rape Culture Contributes To The Prevalence Of Rape

Rape culture is the normalization of violent sexual acts and abuse. Without even realizing it, this society has turned into ones of prey and predator. Wild animals on the loose looking for release within its prey. All around people find themselves to be shocked and disgusted by the existence of rape, when they themselves, unknowingly, foster acts of rape. Rape culture has somehow slipped its way into our ways of existing, making it harder and harder to escape these tormenting...
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The Role Media Plays In Perpetuating Rape Culture

In May 2019, a video of an incident which took place at a restaurant in Gurgaon, India went viral on Facebook. In that video, a middle -aged woman was seen harassing a group of young girls and slut-shaming one of them because she was wearing a short skirt. The victim also stated that, the woman was asking the men present at the restaurant to rape her as she deserved that because of her ‘inappropriate’ clothing. This incident is a small...
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How We Encourage And Normalise Rape Culture In Our Society

Raped and killed at 17, walking through a park. Molested since the age of 5 by a family friend. Brutally beaten, raped and killed at 21, walking home from a Melbourne comedy club. Sexually harassed by co-workers every day. Raped with a metal rod and left on the side of the road. Raped at 14 and left outside in below freezing temperatures, where her hair froze to the ground. Raped at 19 and the judge asked why she didn’t just...
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Police Misconduct Towards Rape Victims In The United States

On September 25, 2010 a young woman went to her best friend’s house for a party after a college football game. After falling asleep on his couch for several hours she woke up to him doing unspeakable things to her. Out of fear, she pretended to remain unconscious. After he was done and had left the room, she grabbed her belongings and bolted for the door. He proceeded to chase after her. Because of the extreme physical pain and shock...
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How Philippine Culture Contributes To Rape Culture

In order to start the conversation of evidence of rape culture in the Philippines, the term “rape culture” must be defined first. According to Ann Burnett’s paper on Rape Culture, rape culture exists when rape, or sexual assault, is normalized in society. The term rape culture originated in the 1970s during the second wave feminist movement. Dianne Herman (1984) stated that rape will continue to be pervasive as long as sexual violence and male dominance are glamorized. With the definition...
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The Legislation Of Rape And How Rape Has Been Dealt With Over History

Rape is a sexual assault that occurs when one or more individuals put themselves on someone without there consent. This can be done in many ways for example this can be done by force or by being threatened or by being manipulated, it is the name of statutory crimes in the united kingdom, northern islands, Scotland, California, and new york city. Rape is known to be one of the most serious of crimes, it is one of the most serious...
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Rape Culture And A Cultural Definition Of Rape In Palestinian Society

Rape is when a person intentionally penetrates another person’s vagina, anus, or mouth with a penis, without the consent of the other person. Assault by penetration is the same definition as rape but also involves penetration with an object with any part of the body without the person’s consent. The overall definition of sexual assault involves violence, which causes physical injury or leave visible marks (Metropoltian Police, 2020). Rape culture is a term or concept used to define a culture...
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Therapy To Victims Of Rape And Survivors Of Sexual Violence In The UK And China

According to the World Population Review (2020), they estimate that there is approximately 35% of women worldwide who have experienced some sort of sexual harassment at least once in their lifetime. There are a few countries that have data available on rape cases and from those data, less than 40% of women who experience sexual violence actually seek help and less than 10% of women seek help from the law. According to UN Women (2019), there are evidence that shows...
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Connection Of Marital Rape With Islam

When we start talking about the marital rape the very first question that come in our mind is “Does marital rape really exist in Islam?” if yes then how? “is the husband allowed to force or do any violence to his wife?”? What is the legal stance on those who advocate for total equality between husband and wife in obedience and expenditure etc.…? And many of the other question come into mind that whether this thing is concerned in Islam...
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Rape Representation In Media And Its Effects On Victim Blaming

Rape culture and the practice of victim blaming are inherently a linked phenomena, and both are prevalent in Australian society. The existence of a rape culture which normalizes sexual violence and blames rape victims for the attacks against them strongly affects the Australian criminal justice system, influencing both the outcomes of rape trials and the treatment of rape victims. And who can we thank for this? The media. The influence of the media with the issue of rape is undeniable....
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The Legal Issue Of Rape Sentencing In Queensland

Introduction The issue of offences against a person/s, such as rape is creating legal debate in Australia. The existing legislation in all states and territories of Australia enforces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The purpose of this report is to examine the legal concepts of rape sentencing issues in Queensland as well as determine the nature and scope of rape and analyse opposing viewpoints in cases such as the families, victims, judges and offenders involved. Two alternatives to change...
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Date Rape: The Factors, History And Preventions

Pondering about date rape isn’t the most pleasant thing to do, but necessary when willing to protect oneself and the people they love. “25% of the revealed date rape assaults are done by somebody near the person in question, for example, a current or ex or sweetheart, or even an ex-mate” (Santora, 2018). Date rape is a type of associate assault and dating brutality. Prime characteristics of this violent crime are manipulation, violence, pressure, abuse of substances, threats, amongst many...
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Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Analysis

Introduction to Connie’s Character and Family Dynamics In the short story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” by Joyce Carol Oates, Connie, a 15 years old who is protagonist, is constantly worried about her appearance. Her mother and aunts scolds her for simply admiring herself in the mirror and her looks, however Connie disregards her family’s critiques. She hates them for always nagging about her, but she hates it more that her mother doesn’t stop. Connie’s mother tells...
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The Main Ideas Of The Short Story Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?

‘’Where are you going, where have you been?” Is set to be in suburban of America in the 1960’s, a global change the sex revolution, women lacked important control over their lives. In Joyce Carol Oates one can see how she views particularly effective on the American life as a situation of invasion, abduction, rape and murder in the modern society. However, there are many themes found throughout the story, these themes is mainly focus on the antagonist which is...
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The Importance Of Sexual Assault Kits

Throughout the United States there has been thousands of untested rape kits that have not been submitted by the police for forensic DNA testing. And although to some it might sound alarming to others the police wich are the people that should be in charge and the ones people believe in to do their job they are consciously aware of this and they are setting this issue aside. This problem has been happening for a long time and it is...
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