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The vase, “Ganymede with Cock and Hoop”, is a red-figure bell krater that was made in 525-475 BC by Berlin Painter, located in Musee du Louvre, Paris. The Athenian vase is in large size and has a large opening and a big belly. The frame that showed on the vase was the Greek myth about the young man, Ganymede, is playing the loop with one hand and has a cock on the other hand. The other side of the vase...
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With the third wave of feminism and the inception of the #metoo movement the topic of rape, has been renewed in vigor in public conversation and discussion. Many contemporary artists have taken an active part in this renewed discussion; using their platform of artistic work to offer their own opinions on the matter, oftentimes forged of their own personal struggles with sexual assault. Yet while this movement of feminist art is a relatively recent occurrence, the long-subdued topic of rape...
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There is an infinite of myths, stories, theories, scriptures, etc. on how humanity was created, and who created us. Based on Greek Mythology we were created by Prometheus with the power of the gods like Zeus and Athena. But, based on the Bible that is for Christians, it says that God created heaven and earth, and the creator of humans. Also, this journey of human creation had a lot of bumps and both of the myths ended up with a...
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Hera was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea and she used to be the Queen of Olympus. She was of first-rate importance in Green faith given that she was once the queen of all Olympian gods and the sister and wife of Zeus (Roman 204). The relationship between Hera and Zeus represented the trade in Greek culture. In early Greek Mythology, girls have been the supreme gods and the Earth Mother used to be the creator of new life. However,...
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The Amphora with Zeus and Dionysus, as the title suggests, is an amphora, “a two-handled pot with a neck that is considerably narrower than the body,”[endnoteRef:1] that is suspected to have been produced by an artist known as the “Euphiletos Painter” in Athens (within the Attica region of Greece), somewhere between the years of 540 and 530 B.C.E.[endnoteRef:20283] Eventually, however, the piece has come to be housed in the antiquities section of the Philbrook Museum of Art, located in Tulsa,...
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In most cultures, there is always a god or a variety of gods that the people of mankind worship and look up upon. These gods are associated with culture, and blessings and are seen to be of great power. In Greek Mythology, there were known to be twelve chief gods in total. Some of the greatest greek gods and goddesses were Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Athena. They were all seen to exhibit great levels of power and control. The gods...
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In ancient Greek mythology, the relationship between God and mortal has long been a complicated relationship. More people believe that there is a confrontation between God and mortal. The gods can be generous and generous to a certain extent, but sometimes they can bring devastating or destructive disasters to any human group. However, mortals can only respect God because they have uncontrollable power that mortals do not have. The gods rule the destiny of mankind, control the nature, and even...
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Greek mythological heroes are so phenomenal and are more affiliated to gods than humans as they are perceived to be an exaggerated ideal of human attitudes, strengths, flaws and beliefs. Zeus’ creation of the “more just and superior godly race of men-heroes…” during the heroic ages presents a canonical depiction of how heroes are perceived in Greek myths. Heroes are expected to be exceptional in one way or another, Heracles is the strongest man alive, Odysseus, the most cunning and...
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Zeus was the ruler of all Gods and humans. He lived with the other gods at the top of Mount Olympus. Sometimes, Olympus was thought of as an actual mountain in Greece, but more often as a beautiful place in the heavens. Zeus was the youngest son of the Titans, Kronos and Rhea. They produced many offspring, but Kronos could not allow his children to survive because it had been prophesied that he would be dethroned by one of his...
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Over the course of many centuries, Mythology has passionate many generations with their rich diversity of characters and adventurous lives that may have existed in ancient times, and fed the imaginations of many people. Countless places are lost but their stories sill remain in our heads, Since that from a very young age we start to investigate, research and read stories about myths of ancient civilization that mostly deal with various aspects of life like traditions, cultural value, human origin,...
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The twelve Olympian Gods are the most important gods in the ancient Greek Religion. Their names are Poseidon, Demeter, Zeus, Hera, Artemis, Apollo Athena, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Dionysus, and Ares. Twelve Olympian Gods are composed of the first- and second-generation gods. In the first-generation Olympian gods are Poseidon, Demeter, Zeus, Hera. These Olympian Gods are the descendants of a titan couple Cronus and Rhea. There are Artemis, Apollo Athena, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Dionysus, Ares in the second-generation Olympian gods. They...
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