Harvey Weinstein and Sexual Harassment: Informative Essay

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Sexual harassment abuse a person’s body or feelings. As it occurs anywhere and anytime by unscrupulous. Sexual harassment is described as a behavior that has the effect of substantially interfering with a person's life. And it can be variably or physical harassment. The harassment can be a person or group of all types of women or men. Furthermore, one of the stories that had been shared online was an Egyptian girl who’s called “Shiama Khalil” who wrote about her first experience of sexual harassment as a growing-up girl in the Egyptian community, as her story was after she becomes 11, that day she could not forget it. That day was the first time for her to go out without taking any member of her family and she was happy and excited that she is going to depend on herself. So she went out with friends, in a crowded street in Egypt. She did not realize that someone is following her but three boys. As also “Shiama Khalil ” said, “ I was scared, but also angry. These boys had ruined my big day. I turned around and yelled: ' Kifaya ! Enough! ' ” (Shiamaa, 2017). At that moment she has been faced sexual harassment. Her mother and grandmother complained to her because she talked to the three boys and said ‘enough’ and also because she was, so “ Shiama ” said, “I had no idea how the conversation turned from me complaining about three horrible boys and what they did to me, to my being blamed for their actions” (Shiamaa, 2017). This story of “ Shiamaa Khalil ” was shared online on #MeToo which is a hashtag wide-ranging and embracing all of the world on social media that encourages women to speak up and share their stories about being sexually harassed.

There is another story for the actress and singer “Alyssa Milano” that she spoke about in the TV show “ The View”. Alyssa said that she was sexually abused on the set of a film. Also, she didn’t say the name of the person that was involved or the film that it occurred on. “Milano” claimed that the man was 17 years older than her. “ Milano ” said that she ran hilariously crying to her movie director after the sexual assault and “ the director ” said to her “ I'm sorry. I don't know what you want me to do about it. Should I call the police ? ”. After that “Alyssa” said “I felt trapped. I felt completely alone, unsupported by the leadership of that production and, ultimately, I felt pressured in going back on the set and for another six hours continuing to shoot the scene with the man who had just sexually assaulted me” (Rosa, 2019). Alyssa Milano make the movement of #MeToo moving worldwide after she said in a post on Twitter requesting women who had experienced sexual harassment to send back a tweet “MeToo” to her. And “Alyssa” said that “ I compelled to share my story after hearing those from other women around the world ” (Rosa, 2019).

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This also another story of the Hollywood producer “ Harvey Weinstein ” that was accused of sexual harassment and assault against many women such as Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delevingne Ashely Judd, and the actress Angelina Jolie that said that “ Mr. Weinstein made unwanted advances on her during the late 1990s around the release of “ Playing by Heart.” And she also claimed, “ I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did unacceptably.” (Fortin, 2017) Moreover, Ashely Judd said that she went to meet him, he was wearing a bathrobe, and that he asked her to watch him shower and frequently recommended unwelcomed contact. Donna Rotunno, the lawyer for Mr. Harvey Weinstein said “ I'm not here to say that he was not guilty of committing sins. I'm not here to say that at all. But there's a difference between sins and crimes, and I don't think he's a rapist,” (stolworthy, 2019). And she also said “ His whole life has been ruined, toppled, damaged, “ And whether it’s by his own doing or others, that’s the fact. And the fact is that no matter what we do, we can walk out of that courtroom with a not guilty and walk him out onto those courtroom steps, and he never gets to be Harvey Weinstein ever again .” (stalworth, 2019).

Here is a survey about sexual harassment. “ NPR ” is an independent, nonprofit making media organization that originated with the task to generate a more knowledgeable community. They found “That 81 percent of women have Experienced Sexual Harassment 77 percent of women had experienced verbal sexual harassment, and 51 percent had been sexually touched without their permission. About 41 percent said they had been sexually harassed online, and 27 percent said they had survived sexual assault ” (Chatterjee, 2018). Also, there is another source which is “ RAINN ( Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network ) the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization”. “ An average, there are 433,648 victims ( age 12 or older ) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States ” (2019)

In conclusion, Sexual harassment is an extremely huge issue where women and men work together. Sexual harassment includes something beyond physical lead, it can be verbal or visual also. Sexual Harassment is known as the destruction of human rights. Sexual violence poses a barrier to goodwill and safety. It also inhibits women from contributing in peace and independent manner. The women who experienced Sexual Harassment lose their strength, lose interest in everything and many of them get into depression and anxiety. These three stories that we talked about recently show us that not only celebrities face sexual harassment, but also normal people. The problem here is the person that harasses because they are unscrupulous.

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